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The middle school years are crucial to developing the minds of students. SBS middle school is represented from grade 5 through grade 8 with every course, extra curricular activity and leadership opportunity set to prepare students for high school. Middle school centers on project-based learning where students develop key skills focused on collaboration and problem solving. Middle school at SBS is welcoming and teachers set the tone in the classroom encouraging students to push themselves in a safe environment where they can live out the mission of SBS - to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Middle School Curriculum

Fostering Student Independence

Students learn responsibility and cultivate self-discipline as they become increasingly more independent in preparation for upper school. In middle school, students will participate in an advisory curriculum that equips them with leadership skills, fosters their character development and informs them on a variety of topics they may not be exposed to in their core classes such as digital citizenship, communication skills and study habits. The classroom experience is critical. At SBS, middle school teachers create a safe and welcoming environment where students are free to question, and are also challenged to achieve their best. Students thrive in a caring environment with high expectations.

Developing Servant Leaders

Through a variety of extra-curricular programs and service opportunities, students receive practice in collaborating with, leading and inspiring others. Middle school is student-centered and teachers create and implement lessons designed to spark curiosity. Whether this is through the arts (band, choir, theatre), athletics or in the classroom, middle schoolers have plenty of opportunities to lead at SBS. The goal of this structure is to prepare students in these areas so that they can successfully transition their skills to high school. In addition, students serve the school and Houston community through a variety of committees and student leadership positions, furthering the mission of SBS--to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Emphasizing a Biblical Worldview

In middle school, the Bible curriculum is practiced in community and emphasizes each student’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Middle school is a time of self-discovery, and teachers provide an environment in which students feel safe and know they will receive guidance grounded in the Word of God. Students have the freedom to be kids and ask the tough questions, while receiving biblical guidance in a time when the world is sending conflicting messages. Teachers know their students well, and seek to highlight their strengths and encourage their curiosity. Bible classes in fifth and sixth grade focus on students’ personal applications of the Scriptures. In seventh and eighth grade Bible classes students are separated by gender to study God’s Word in an environment that allows them to be themselves, build a support system and discuss gender-specific topics that paint a clear picture of how Godly men and women live.

Our Middle School Team

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    Ellen Barrett 

    Head of Middle School, MS Softball
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    Haley Chance 

    Middle School Dean of Academics
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    Kim Marshall 

    Middle School Student Life Coordinator, JV Cheer
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    Cecil Shorts III 

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    Jeffrey Jeff Schroeder 

    Middle School Director of Athletics, MS Asst. Football, Varsity Asst. Softball
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    Jami Walker 

    Middle School Administrative Assistant, MS Track

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