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In lower school, students from pre-kindergarten 3 through grade 4 engage in a variety of lessons and activities that provide meaningful and memorable learning experiences. Each day we nurture students mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Our goal is to build solid skills that will become the cornerstone of future learning, challenging students to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously as they progress into middle and upper school. The curriculum is both foundational and innovative, encouraging students to become motivated, lifelong learners.

Lower School Curriculum


Lower school students participate in Bible through daily prayer, Scripture memorization and Bible instruction, taught by a Bible teacher. Each week students attend Bible class, memorize a Bible verse  and attend Chapel service to praise and worship God. Students participate in mission projects such as Angels of Light, Shoes for Orphan Souls and Living Water. The Bible curriculum aims to reach learners of every learning style. It begins with the statement of the Bible as God’s Truth, His holy Word, and is followed by lessons on obedience, a unit on developing a pure heart and a study of the full armor of God.

Language Arts

Strong foundational skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking are the primary focus in the early grades. As students progress through grade levels, the emphasis becomes an in-depth application of those strategies and skills to provoke thought and reasoning. Through the balanced literacy approach, teachers are able to provide a learning environment that meets the needs and strengths of each student.


Engaging students in hands-on experiences builds a solid understanding of mathematical concepts. Students engage in collaborative and independent learning activities using research-based materials. Teachers provide opportunities for students to communicate their understanding in creative ways. Lessons integrate reasoning, analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

Social Studies

The goal in lower school is to build strong leaders. In the younger grades, the curriculum focuses on family, community, traditions and American heritage. Through projects and hands-on activities, lessons create meaningful connections and understanding. In later grades, students learn about the valuable contributions of historical figures, U.S. and Texas history, Western Civilization, map skills and the American timeline. Students participate in technology-based presentations and special programs.


Students learn the importance of inquiry: generating questions, conducting investigations and developing solutions to problems through reasoning and observation. Inquiry includes an analysis and presentation of findings that lead to future questions, research and investigations. Students learn to reflect on topics and apply what they have learned to new and different situations. Classroom lessons and independent reading of fiction and nonfiction books complement the experiments and activities in the science classroom.

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