Strategic Plan

The Second Baptist School 2021-2026 Strategic Plan

The mission of Second Baptist School is to equip students to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously to IMPACT the world for Jesus Christ.
Second Baptist School accomplishes our mission through a balanced approach that honors and upholds challenging academics, robust arts, competitive athletics, faithful student discipleship, and partnership with families. IMPACT showcases SBS' dedication to its mission and continued pursuit of excellence. The philosophy of Christian education, refined in the 2017-2020 strategic plan, recognizes that exceptional, multi-generational Christian education must be both Christ-centered and excellent, provided within a caring community for the honor and glory of God. The 2021-2026 strategic plan is shaped by the SBS community who plays an integral role in its success.

Core Values


Second Baptist School operates according to biblical principles, without apology or compromise, and roots its teaching in the Word of God to develop a biblical worldview across academic disciplines and in all areas of life. We affirm that, through faith in Jesus Christ, we are entrusted with the sacred privilege and high responsibility of maturing in our own walk with God and helping our students to do the same. 

Pursuit of Excellence

All excellence, academic and otherwise, is an ongoing pursuit for the honor and glory of God. We equip our graduates to perform at the highest levels of their respective fields and disciplines so that they can serve as the next generation of Christian leaders. 

Caring Community

We believe in and cherish the balanced partnership and consistent communication between family, church and school. Through our collective commitment to faithfully disciple students, we ultimately seek to produce ambassadors for Christ. 

Strategic Plan Priorities