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You’re So Golden

You’re So Golden

If you arrived after 6:50 p.m. on Monday, April 19, to the C Gym Theatre, chances are you were likely to enjoy the annual Golden Girls Spring Show without a seat! With a higher turnout than ever before, the SBS Golden Girls welcomed over 300 guests to enjoy a culmination of a year’s worth of hard work. After last year sadly passed without this exciting tradition, the Golden Girls were more ready than ever to perform for the #SBSfamily.

According to Lauryn Edwards ‘21, “My favorite part of Spring Show was getting to be together to perform again. After not having a show last year, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do Spring Show one last time!”

This year’s show was jam-packed, including performances by the Golden Girls, varsity cheerleaders, Memorial Dance Company, Golden Guys, and talented upper school vocalists. From the moment the curtain opened to its close, the audience laughed, cheered, danced and cried. Leaving a lasting impression, a group of senior guys danced their hearts out on stage as the Golden Guys in a hilarious act choreographed by the Golden Girls themselves.

The Golden Girls' strong work ethic and bonds of sisterhood were evident in every moment of the show. Moving from one dance to the next in less than 3 minutes, these young women performed with precision, excellence and grace. Lauryn shared, “The hardest part of preparing and putting on the Spring Show is all the quick changes and many of the behind-the-scenes things we do to make sure the show runs smoothly. We help each other out, even when we are all running around getting ready for the next dance. While we are not always perfect, we want to make sure we put on the best show possible, so the extra work is worth it!”

What was perhaps the biggest takeaway of the evening was the deep love the Golden Girls have for one another, their coach and for the Lord. The seniors shed many tears as they said their final goodbyes to Golden Girls. This senior class is clearly leaving a lasting impact on the underclassman. According to Virginia Young ‘23, “Through Golden Girls, I have been able to see my relationship with Jesus grow. This definitely has to do with the strong Christian influence from our coach and the older girls. We are lucky to have so many great role models to look up to.”

An obvious takeaway from this incredible show is the impact of coach Madelyn Whitehead on this special team of young women. One by one, the senior girls shared their admiration and gratitude for her leadership, mentorship and spiritual guidance. Coaching like this goes beyond athleticism and leaves a lifelong imprint on the lives of our students, and each Golden Girl shared as much. 

Lauryn concluded the show by saying, “To me, what makes Golden Girls special is the bond we have as a team, we truly are sisters. We want to put in our best effort at every practice for each other, and Spring Show is one of the best opportunities for us to show everyone how hard we work. Being on the team these past four years, I have made some of my closest friends in the world.”