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Young Readers Soar to New Heights as Millionaires

Young Readers Soar to New Heights as Millionaires

Each year, the Millionaire Readers Contest serves as a shining example of Second Baptist School, celebrating not only our pursuit of excellence but also fostering a caring community that values every student’s unique talents. This year, 31 students reached the coveted "millionaire" status by reading over a million words each. The competition, which spanned from August 16, 2023, to May 3, 2024, culminated in remarkable achievements among our second, third and fourth grade readers. These accomplishments not only highlight our students' dedication and passion for reading but also reflect their God-given talents and perseverance.

Among these exceptional scholars is Tess ‘32, this year’s Top Reader, who not only met but far surpassed expectations. Tess read an extraordinary 9,910,123 words, breaking her previous Accelerated Reader (AR) record of 9,708,648 words and setting a new standard of excellence. Embracing her God-given talents, Tess has set a new benchmark for future participants in the contest. Congratulations to Tess; we are proud of her enthusiasm for reading and her persistence throughout the school year. 

The collective efforts of our young readers were also remarkable.  With three second grade students, six third grade students and twenty two fourth grade students reaching millionaire status, they cumulatively read 98,646,702 words this school year! Fourth graders led the way, showcasing an exceptional commitment to reading and significantly boosting the overall word count by reading over 68 million words. The records set year after year by our second through fourth grade students encourage our faculty and staff to know that these students desire and pursue excellence daily.

The Millionaire Reader's Contest is more than a competition; it’s a testament to how nurturing God-given talents and persistent effort can lead to extraordinary achievements. Join us in applauding these young readers, who, through their impressive accomplishments, inspire us all to continue nurturing a love for reading and a dedication to lifelong learning!