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Women of Wisdom and Faith

Women of Wisdom and Faith

Grandmothers of eighth grade girls visited Bible class at Second Baptist School and shared their wisdom as women of faith.

“It is one thing to learn in the classroom what it looks like to be a godly woman, but there is nothing like sitting and listening to accounts of God’s faithfulness from a panel of real godly women,” said Bible teacher Loren Hopf ‘03. 

In a unit about celebrating and becoming godly women, grandmothers became the panel of experts. Following a special breakfast with their granddaughters and classmates, SBS grandmothers participated in a Q&A session, answering questions such as, “How did you become a Christian?” and “What is your best relationship advice?” 

“These beautiful grandmothers spoke with such wisdom, grace, humor and absolute love for Jesus,” affirmed Loren Hopf ‘03. “One of the strongest factors of faith transmission is intergenerational relationships. So, anytime we can get our kids around older, wiser saints, we should!” She also explained how God has set up our lives to be surrounded by the body of believers, giving us “instant adopted families” and seasoned believers to learn from.

These godly women gave testimonies of faith and God’s provision, pointing out the realities of temptation and the goodness of God’s mercy and protection. “He is faithful, even when you are not,” they shared. When asked how to grow spiritually, they extolled the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study and memorizing scripture, emphasizing asking God for discernment. 

At SBS, we’re grateful for a caring community of godly men and women who pour into our students and invest in the next generation of Christ followers. Grandparents are integral to our community.

What was some of the best advice given? Read on to find out!

"Nothing you do is insignificant in God’s kingdom, so follow the Holy Spirit. God created each one of you uniquely, and He designed each one of you exactly as He wanted you to be." Jan Jones (Cate Thielhorn's grandmother)

"To be a friend is to make a friend. As Scripture says, 'iron sharpens iron' (Proverbs 27:17), so you want to choose friends who will make you a better person." Terry Sollers (Lauren Wagner's grandmother)

"Be confident in yourself. Know yourself and keep being the person you know you are." Sandra Craig (Chloe Craig's grandmother)

"Middle school can be hard. Remember everybody is trying to find their place." Reda Eubank (Sarah Cela's grandmother)

Thank you to the grandmothers of eighth grade girls who shared their words of wisdom: 

  • Jan Jones (Cate Thielhorn's grandmother)
  • Tami Crosby (Reagan Crosby's grandmother)
  • Peggy Harrison (Blake & Kirby Harrison's grandmother)
  • Reda Eubank (Sarah Cela's grandmother)
  • Nancy Wetmore (Parker Wetmore's grandmother)
  • Terry Sollers (Lauren Wagner's grandmother)
  • Sandra Craig (Chloe Craig's grandmother)
Grandmothers of middle school students at Second Baptist School share their testimonies with students.
Grandmothers of Second Baptist School middle school students laugh together as they present their testimonies.
Three generations of women pose together during the middle school grandmother's program at Second Baptist School.
Grandmothers of SBS middle school students sit on a panel to share their testimony during class.