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Wisdom from Meemaws, Grannies and Grandmothers on Campus!

Wisdom from Meemaws, Grannies and Grandmothers on Campus!

Grandmothers of eighth grade students in Mrs. Loren Hopf’s ‘03 Bible class gathered to share their wisdom at the second annual “Grandma Day” event. SBS Grandmothers served as the panel of well-seasoned experts for a Q&A session focusing on their inspiring testimonies and walk with the Lord. 

 “Our last unit was titled Celebrating and Becoming Godly Women,” explained Mrs. Hopf ‘03. “My goal for them is to see the wealth of wisdom God has put in their lives,” said Hopf. “I want our girls to run to the godly women they know, not the internet, when they experience difficulty and hard times.”

Mrs. Hopf ‘03 understands and knows first-hand the impact of godly women in a young woman’s life. “Intergenerational relationships are some of the most important we’ll ever know. Women who have been there and done that. That’s where wisdom comes from. They are the real influencers.”

The panels shared their stories of God’s provision and faithfulness, illuminating the contrast between the depths of temptation and the abundance of His grace and protection. When asked how to develop their faith, they emphasized the importance of prayer, the study of God’s word, and memorizing scripture, all while asking God for wisdom.

Caroline Carl ‘27 exclaimed, “It makes me happy my grandma is here and shared her story. She’s wonderful and beautiful, and I love her!”

Hopf concluded, “This day is so special because it brings three generations of women together. It is centered on Christ and what serving Him over a lifetime looks like. Women share not only the joys but also the challenges they have experienced. The girls see true beauty in action on Grandma Day! It is so important to have a web of relationships that encourage faith in our girls. ‘Charm is deceptive, beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised!’ (Prov. 31:31).
Some words of wisdom from our SBS grandmothers:

“Be a better friend. Don’t tear each other down. You never know what someone else is going through.”

“Keep your eyes on Jesus. As long as you keep your eyes on Him, he has a plan for you and will take care of you.”

“Always remember to pray. The Lord wants to hear from you.”

“Don’t get caught up in social media. Redirect your energy to family and things that matter.”

“Have the courage to say ’no.’ Have the courage to be a Christian and to be kind. Being kind can change somebody’s life.”

“Remember, you’re a daughter of the King. You deserve to be treated like royalty.”

Thank you to the grandmothers of eighth grade girls who shared their words of wisdom:

Janice Tackett (Eloise Tackett’s grandmother)
Jo Bruce (Eloise Tackett’s grandmother)
Herta Martin (Kate Miers grandmother)
Martha Lou Fullick (Ella Fullick’s grandmother)
Claudia Stewart (Mila Veeningen’s neighbor)
Paula Mitchell (Hadyn Hermes’ grandmother)
Susan Ince (Lizzie Baker’s grandmother)
Carla Baker (Lizzie Baker’s grandmother)
Lou Patterson (Carson Patterson’s grandmother)
Brenda King (Carson Patterson’s grandmother)
Karen Close (Julia Scheldt’s grandmother)
June Burke (Grace Rodriguez’s grandmother)
Peggy Blount (Berkley Blount’s grandmother)
Charlene Wolfe (Ellie Wolfe’s grandmother)
Linda Baccus (Ellie Wolfe’s grandmother)
Kay Rous (Emily Rouse’s grandmother)
Janice Wood (Stella Sorola’s grandmother)
Sondra Cutrer (Andie Patterson’s grandmother)
Lyn Sullivan (Anna Sullivan’s grandmother)

Thank you to all our SBS moms and volunteers who helped make Grandma Day a success!

If you missed this on social media, check out the highlight reel!

Photos from "Grandma Day"