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Western Art Winners

Western Art Winners

For over 50 years, the HLSR School Art Program has challenged students to think outside the box by creating western art, receiving thousands of entries from talented young Texans for the annual contest.

Last semester, art students at SBS worked on pieces for the rodeo competition. Once finished, all of the artwork was entered into a school-wide competition which was blindly judged by the other art teachers at SBS. The chosen students then went on to compete at the city-wide rodeo competition! The judging took place at NRG during which each finalist received a ribbon based on the tier they qualified for, with blue ribbons indicating first place, red as second and white as third.


Kendal ‘ 30 - Best of Show

Sophie ‘30 - Red Ribbon

Ameila ‘31 - Red Ribbon

Aiden ‘31 - Red Ribbon

Emmy ‘32 - Red Ribbon

Eden ‘32 - Red Ribbon

William ‘34 - Blue Ribbon

Adele ‘34 - Blue Ribbon

Fourth grader Kendal came away with one of the greatest honors - Best of Show! Her trophy and artwork will be hung in the hayloft gallery during the Houston Rodeo. Kendal said, “Art has always been one of my favorite things to do. It feels great to see my work recognized with so many other artists.”

“I am so proud of each one of the lower school students! Every single one of them dug deep to find the creative talent each one of them have been given from our Creator. The few who are chosen as winners understand what a huge accomplishment this is, and they become leaders in the art room. I love to watch them courageously, encourage and come alongside their friends to become better at their own art,” said lower school art teacher Maddie Long.

Kindergartener William said, “I was surprised that I won! I was excited when I won because my mom would have to hang my picture on the wall.”  

Adele ‘34 shared, “I liked painting the body of my cow because I got to choose whatever color browns I wanted. My favorite part about making art is that you get to do and draw whatever you want!”

“I was so excited to find out that my cactus had been picked for the Rodeo Art Contest - I couldn’t stop smiling! I’m so thankful for Mrs. Long and all she has taught us this year,” said second grader, Emmy.


Reese Robert ‘26 - Red Ribbon

Brody LeBlanc ‘27 - Blue Ribbon

Andie Patterson ‘27 - Blue Ribbon

Julia Scheldt ‘27 - Blue Ribbon 

Alyssa Zhang ‘27 - Blue Ribbon

Taylor Zimmerman ‘27 - Red Ribbon

Claire Bunnell ‘28 - Red Ribbon

Reed Elliot ‘28 - Red Ribbon

Anna Lindsey ‘28 - Blue Ribbon

Gaby Salinas ‘28 - Blue Ribbon

Mason Mettenbrink ‘29 - Red Ribbon

Josh Pahutka ‘29 - Blue Ribbon

Middle school art teacher Sarah McKeon reflected, “The HLSR school art program gives students the opportunity to live biblically as they pursue excellence at SBS and in the larger Houston community. Each middle school student created a western piece of art, mimicking the creativity of God. I am so proud of their hard work and accomplishments!”


Leighton Reddy '22- White Ribbon

Kennedy Brown '23 - White Ribbon 

Bennett Lang '23 - White Ribbon

Ashlynn Sems '23 - White Ribbon

Jake Miers '25- Red Ribbon 

Senior Leighton Reddy said, “The highlight for me was when I finished my drawing and saw my whole piece come together. I learned more techniques during the process, such as how to add depth and shading to my artwork.”

Inspired by the longhorn at his aunt and uncle’s ranch, freshman James Miers’ acrylic painting was a learning experience. “I learned the importance of time management from this project. The highlight of the contest was seeing everyone else’s artwork.”

Lower school art teacher Maddie Long concludes, “Congratulate these students when you see them! The competition is tough to even get chosen for the artwork to go to the Rodeo! This reflects their hard work, determination, and excellence. We are so proud of all of them!” Stop by the library to see the artwork on display today.