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Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Joy. The word “joy” was most often used to describe The Little Mermaid experience, from the first rehearsal to the final performance. There was joy evident in the audience's reaction to the show, joy in the lobby after each performance and joy in the Lord demonstrated by the cast and crew as they used their talents to glorify Him.

Photos from The Little Mermaid

“At each rehearsal, the cast and crew prayed for the Lord to be glorified and for the audiences to see something different about our students, which is the glory and joy of the Lord,” said Director of Arts and Upper School Musical Director Cindy Blades. 

In a show like Disney's The Little Mermaid, a wide net was cast, bringing in the entire SBS community. Already appealing to lower school students, Second Theatre Company went a step further, casting two lower school boys to play Flounder. Briggs ‘33 and Kyle ‘34 had the unique opportunity to train, rehearse and perform alongside seasoned upperclassmen theatre students. 

Music Director Claire Westmoreland said, “Briggs’ and Kyle’s enthusiasm added so much to this cast. They both fit right in.” She continued, “This is something I love about Second Baptist School is how our upper school students interact with and mentor our younger students. It makes this place truly special.”

Third grader Briggs said, “I had the BEST time with all the high school kids trying something new!” His mother, Natalie Baker, added, “The theatre students truly took him under their wings and were such wonderful role models. Briggs will hold these memories with him forever. It brought our entire family and close friends immense joy watching him perform and shine bright on stage.” 

“I loved hanging out backstage with the high school kids and acting on the stage. I liked that this was my first ever musical,” said Kyle ‘34. Kyle’s parents, Kyle and Heather Brensike, agreed, saying that the cast and crew “were so supportive and brought out the best in him and each other.” They shared, “We were able to witness God’s hand guiding these amazing performers over the past few months, and we will cherish these memories forever.”

Every cast, crew and audience member experienced what it was like to be a part of Our SBS through the collaborative nature of this unique show. Junior Zoe Chapman (Jetsam) said, “What gave us such a feeling of togetherness was that the whole cast had to contribute to make the show great. The head flyer instructor told us, ‘It takes a village.’ Community participation is what this musical was all about.”
Finally, Mrs. Blades expressed, “The theatre family is a tight-knit community of parent volunteers, students and teachers. We also interact with professionals from the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and the staff of each theatre where we perform, are all impressed with the SBS community.” 

Some parents even take vacation time off for Tech Week; they are seen hammering, painting, sweeping and more. “Nothing is too high or low for them to accomplish,” said Mrs. Blades. 

Second Theatre Company, thank you for bringing Second Baptist School together “under the sea.”