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Tommy Tune Nominations

Tommy Tune Nominations

The Tommy Tune Awards exist to celebrate the arts in Houston area high school theatre programs, highlighting the hard work and dedication of casts and crews of various musicals. With nearly 3,500 participants annually, Second Baptist School is proud to have received three nominations for our upper school musical, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

  • Best Actress – Emily Cagle ’20 as Belle
  • Best Supporting Actor – Zac Decker ’21 as Lumiere
  • Best Featured Performer – Kevin Menendez ’20 as LeFou

“I am so excited to be nominated, and represent my school, my amazing theatre department and God for allowing me to do what I love with the most wonderful people,” said Emily Cagle ’20. “It is very exciting to be recognized for my portrayal as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, but I hold so much respect and admiration for those in my cast who were also worthy to receive nominations for their hard work! I am thankful for my supportive family, Mrs. Blades and Mrs. Westmoreland, Mrs. Wylie, all of the moms who helped with the show and my family of cast and crew members who have loved and taught me so well throughout this process!”

Through the expertise and guidance of Mrs. Blades and Mrs. Westmoreland, students are stretched and grown from the time they first step into Room E 5108, until their final curtain at SBS.

“At rehearsals, I would simply do the very best I could and the LeFou, who appeared on stage, was a product of that. Mostly I just sang the song ‘Gaston’ making sure I was hitting notes, but besides that, it was a matter of memorizing my lines,” said Kevin Menendez ’20. “I relied on Mrs. Blades and Mrs. Westmoreland on their direction and coaching so much to help me bring LeFou to life. LeFou would have been nothing without their patience and their belief in me.”

Though SBS boasts talented individuals, the effort put into each show that culminates into nominations and awards like these are truly a group effort. A fully functioning body is made up of many different parts, and as God gives each part a role to play, we in turn are to give Him the glory. Zac Decker ’21 reflects on his role:

“Being nominated is always something that takes me by surprise, but throughout all the congratulations it can be hard to fully realize that God gives people talent to entertain,” said Decker ’21. “Although the name on the nomination is Zac Decker, it was truly a group effort. If there were no Cogsworth, Belle, Beast, the ensemble, the makeup and costumes crew, the lights and set crews and everyone else, I couldn’t have played Lumiere like I did. The cast's and crew’s amazing talent helped me. ‘Be Our Guest’ was an incredible number to perform, but it couldn’t have happened with just me. Glory be to God.”

This year, the Tommy Tune Awards will be a virtual awards show. The winners are scheduled to be announced on the Tommy Tune Facebook page Tuesday, April 28, at 7:30 p.m. Tune in to support our deserving nominees!