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Three Ways for Moms to Connect at SBS

Three Ways for Moms to Connect at SBS

“Community is one of the very best parts of Second Baptist School, and there are so many opportunities to expand your friend base,” shared SBS mom Kristin Thrasher. Moms at SBS have a special community – from volunteering together to praying together, there are so many ways to connect and grow.

How can moms get connected at SBS?

1. Serve

Serving is a great way to build relationships with other SBS parents, serve the school community and grow spiritually. There are countless ways to get involved, from volunteering in the school library or at the Book Fair, to supporting initiatives such as Distinguished Speaker Dinner or EagleFest.

  • Visit the Volunteer Resource Board to learn more about all our opportunities!
  • Click here to fill out the volunteer application.
  • If you have questions, please call the Office of Advancement at (713) 365-2310 or email

The way I connected with other moms when my kids were young was to volunteer. Working side by side with other moms allows for great community!
        Emily Goolsby, Will ‘27, Mac ‘29, Molly ‘31

2. Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers is a prayer group for moms in each grade at Second Baptist School. At Gatekeeper monthly meetings, SBS moms gather to pray for students, their families, faculty and the needs of the school. Depending on the grade, gatekeepers meet in homes close to campus or on campus. If you are interested in joining Gatekeepers, contact Amy Richards at

Gatekeepers was the most impactful group when I was a new mom at SBS. I was able to connect with other moms who have the same heart for their kids. We chose Second Baptist because we wanted the village that raises our children to love the Lord; we wanted our kids to grow up in an environment surrounded by prayer.
        Whitney Cameron, Bari ‘35

Prayer is the secret weapon of every mother.
        Laura Kates, SBS grandmother

3. Join a Bible Study

The women’s ministry at SBC is an amazing way to get connected with other moms and women in the community. 

  • Three upcoming women’s studies are starting this fall. Check them out here. 
  • Interested in all SBC has to offer? Click here to find a Bible study class for you.

“Just show up”

I really think the best advice is to show up! It may feel awkward at first, but when you have a spot you regularly return to, eventually that space and those people become life-giving. To bring a friend makes it even more fun! Chances are – they also were glad they showed up.  
        Emily Goolsby, Will ‘27, Mac ‘29, Molly ‘31

Just show up, try all the things, and meet as many people as you can…  As the kids grow, sports teams through leagues and then school are so fun to watch and share time in the stands cheering on the kids together. You really get to know people on a different level through the highs and lows of sports games! Fellowship parties, plays, pep rally’s, all school events, and the list goes on and on. There are so many ways to connect with great friends, you just have to jump in and give it a try.
        Kristin Thrasher, Finley ‘27, Sadie ‘35

One of the surprising places I have made the best friendships is at SecondFIT! A group of moms from my child's class will drop off our kids, then head to the gym to walk the track or take a fitness class! We have really connected and formed a deep bond.
        Heather Runge, Lennon '34 and Maya '36


Community for Dads

Are you a dad? Most volunteer opportunities are open for moms and dads. Consider joining SBS Dads Club for the inside scoop on all things SBS and how you can get more involved.