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Think Live Lead in TMEA

Think Live Lead in TMEA

Over 2,000 students state-wide audition for the All State Small School Choir. Only 16 make the final cut. This year, Second Baptist School had many students compete and earn spots in the top 20 for their voice part, and for the first time ever, six SBS students earned spots in the TMEA All State Choir. Our students and directors alike were grateful for the opportunity to compete this school year, earning such high honors.

Valeska Moya ‘21 and Grace Lunsford ‘22 placed first and second in the soprano voice part. Grace shares about her experience, saying, “I am so grateful for the amazing choir community at SBS. I have become such good friends with everyone through TMEA, and I love having the opportunity to sing with all them. Also, I am so thankful for Ms. Martin, our director, and the role model she has been to me. She has been incredible teaching us music, critiquing our technique, recording all of our auditions and working out the technical challenges.”

SBS choir students learn to live biblically throughout the audition process in competitions like TMEA, as Grace describes, “At SBS, I have learned how to be humble in auditions, to encourage my fellow singers, and most importantly, give glory to God no matter what the result of auditions are or what my voice may sound like.” 

Stone Heaton ‘21, second place in the bass part of the All State Choir, also shares his gratitude. “I think I am most grateful for the opportunity to be able to compete this year because of all of the precautions that have been put into place due to Covid. SBS has helped me to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously through the care and support from all of my teachers. When it comes to choir specifically, Ms. Martin and Mrs. Wylie helped me in so many ways by supporting me even when I felt as though I was not performing well enough.”

Second chair tenor Jett Motley '22 also thanks director Becky Martin, saying, "She has shown me her true love for music and passed it on to me." He continues, "Second Baptist School has helped me live biblically through choir this year though the music selected; all the music we learn has a central theme of the power and glory of God. My favorite way to glorify God is through music."

Caroline Bolling ‘21, who earned first chair in alto voice part, said, “Through this challenging season, I am grateful that we were able to compete in TMEA, and I am also thankful for Ms. Martin and all that she does to make her students successful! Through TMEA, I have learned the value of hard work. You must put in lots of time and energy to prepare and practice for the audition. TMEA has also taught me to lead courageously by encouraging others who are new in this process and to lead during Vision Choir class.” Senior Eliza Dixon shared the alto spotlight, earning third chair.

Director of Arts Cindy Blades says, “I am proud of the resilience and dedication of our choir students who participated in TMEA. Director of Choral Music Becky Martin led our students through the challenges of this school year to unprecedented results in TMEA with six students making All State Small School Choir. Well done choir students!”

TMEA All State Choir 2021

Valeska Moya ‘21 - Soprano, 1st chair

Grace Lunsford ‘22 - Soprano, 2nd chair

Caroline Bolling ‘21 - Alto, 1st chair

Eliza Dixon ‘21 - Alto, 3rd chair

Jett Motley ‘22 - Tenor, 2nd chair

Stone Heaton ‘21 - Bass, 2nd chair