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Taking Education Outside the Classroom

Taking Education Outside the Classroom

Second Baptist School strives to be intentional in training students and preparing them for engaging the global community. Field trips allow students to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to the real world.

“The purpose of field trips is to extend learning beyond the classroom,” said kindergarten teacher Sarah Bramlett. “For students, it is fascinating to learn about something and then witness it in real life. That is what experiential learning is all about!”

Kindergarten recently went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, as they do each year, to explore different exhibits and take in the science they’ve learned about this year. From the bugs in the butterfly garden to the rocks in the gems and mineral hall, SBS students impressed museum staff with their knowledge. This trip even sets the stage for their upcoming unit, getting students excited about and engaged with the curriculum.

“After spring break, we start our dinosaur projects, where students choose a dinosaur to research,” said Bramlett. “They love being able to check out some dinosaurs up close and personal that they might want to choose for their project.”

Fourth grade also recently took advantage of local learning experiences, with a trip to Taste of Texas and Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham.

“At Taste of Texas, the field trip was listening and interactive, where some students got to dress up as characters from that time period,” said fourth grade teacher Leah Flanagan. “At Blue Bell, students got to see first-hand how the ice cream is made, ask questions and hear all about the process! We want students to see how what we learn in the classroom connects to the real world outside SBS.”

Fourth grade spent a significant amount of time studying Texas history, inventors and inventions, and these trips were the culmination of that curriculum.

“We are currently doing our famous Texan project, where students research and write a speech about famous Texans. Taste of Texas owner and history buff Nina Hendee talked about many famous Texans and the history behind Texas,” said Flanagan. “She also showed us different items in her museum. This was a culminating activity for the study of inventors and inventions.”