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STC Straight to State!

STC Straight to State!

Few move forward, but many compete. Many hold talent, but few hold grace. Saturday, October 24, Second Theater Company exercised its gracious attitude, performing The Importance of Being Earnest at the One Act Play TAPPS Competition at Concordia High School. 

Caroline Bolling ‘21, Golden Girls dance team captain and choreographer of the show, talks about her emotions leading up to the event, expressing, “I was not only excited about spending the day with many of my friends, I was also proud of how far the Earnest cast had come and how hard each cast member had worked.” Excitement shone on every student’s face as the day’s activities commenced. Even as the students ate lunch, warmed up their voices and put on their stage makeup and costumes, ample time remained for connection amongst the cast. Eliza Dixon ‘21, the stage manager, describes the unique relationship among the cast members, “The whole experience was like nothing we’ve experienced before, because we couldn’t interact with other competitors. We ended up really bonding as a group, staying together all day.”

Despite the nerves surrounding the performers, the company kept its wits, due in large part to Director Cindy Blades’ encouraging words. “It’s not important if you win; it’s about being kind, respectful and thankful,” she reassured the cast. With this attitude in mind, the actors flitted onto the stage, heads held high. After the performance, students viewed the shows of competing schools. Zac Decker ‘21, one of three actors to earn the title of All Star Performer, explains the value of this opportunity, commenting, “Watching how other directors work, other actors act and other shows run was a great experience.” 

Soon, the time came to give each school feedback and announce those moving forward. The students accepted the judges’ criticism with humility and respect, proudly representing the values of Second Baptist School. As the awards ceremony began, the hard work and dedication made by each individual student paid off as one by one, every STC cast member was called to the stage, receiving prizes as testaments to the meticulously orchestrated and beautifully delivered show. Last to be recognized was Charlotte Walker ‘24, a freshman who bravely stepped into the role of Lady Bracknell when the character’s original performer, Francesca Garvin ‘21, was unable to compete. Shocked and happy, Charlotte listened earnestly as her name echoed throughout the room, declaring her Best Actress.

Placing second overall, The Importance of Being Earnest cast secured a spot in the state competition November 13-14. With joyful hearts, the students established themselves as worthy actors; with humility, the students recognized the much more vital importance of establishing themselves as kind, respectful and thankful to an impressive group.

TAPPS One Act Play Competition Awards

District Runner Up

Best Actor - Michael DiCecco ‘21

Best Actress - Charlotte Walker ‘24

All Star Cast - Kelsie Burns ‘22, Zac Decker ‘21 and Promise Facciponte ‘22

Best Tech - Eliza Dixon ‘21

Honorable Mention All-Star Cast - Becky Gray ‘22, Jackson Bishop ‘21 and all of the maids and butlers including Audrey Bishop ‘21, Caroline Bolling ‘21, Caroline Lane ‘24, Lauren Schweers ‘23, Reagan Yarborough ‘23, Stone Heaton ‘21, Daniel Klein ‘22 and Jack Prothro ‘22