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Spring Sports 2019

Spring Sports 2019

As our spring sports pick up, check out this update of the successful seasons our Eagles are having!

Season Record to Date: 13 wins, 9 losses

“I am extremely proud of the way this group of guys never quits playing no matter the

circumstances of the game,” said Head Coach Lance Berkman. “We have had several exciting come from behind wins as a result. The team has played well enough at this point to put ourselves in excellent position to make the playoffs. I am excited to see how far this group can go toward winning another state championship.”

Season Record to Date:
6 wins, 8 losses

“Our team has worked incredibly hard advancing their offensive production individually and as a group,” said Head Coach Brandy Mardis. “They have matured with each game and we expect to see that continue as the season progresses. This team is still very young but has a promising future as they continue to play and compete at a high level.”

Track and Field
Individual Accolades

  • District Champion Maddie Johnson ’20 ran 100 meter hurdles in 14.95 seconds and qualified for the finals at the Clyde Littlefield Relays.
  • District champion Dylan Cordell ’20 beat personal record in discus with over 134 feet.

Regional Qualifiers

  • Kaitlyn Kollmorgen ’20 in shot-put, 200 meter, 200 meter relay and 400 meter relay.
  • Haley Bullington ’20 in long jump, 100 meter relay, 200 meter relay and 400 meter relay.
  • Grace Lunsford ’22 in the 400 meter relay.
  • Eva Adickes ’22 in the 200 meter relay and 400 meter relay.
  • Maddie Johnson ’20 in the 200 meter relay, 100 meter hurdles and 300 meter hurdles.
  • Taylor Nunes ’22 in the 100 meter relay.
  • Isaac Baker ’21 in the 3200 meter.
  • Jacob Skyles ’21 in the 800 meter.
  • Dylan Sanders ’19 in the 800 meter.
  • Dylan Cordell ’20 in discus and shot-put.

“There has been a steady improvement in this team’s fitness,” said Head Coach Brad Lane. “I am proud of the way they want to compete well, and many of them have beaten their personal record in their events this year.”

Season Record to Date
: 3 wins, 0 losses

“The athletes have worked on being consistent in every aspect of the game. Driving the ball, putting and their short game to the green,” said Coach Kevin Mouton. “The best part of our team is the five returning seniors who have helped develop our three freshmen who are on the varsity team.”

Individual Accolades:

  • Audrey Vick ’21 finalist in district tournament, advanced to quarterfinals at state.
  • Caden Cooper ’20 and Vincent Tyrrell ’20 advanced to quarterfinals in district in doubles.
  • Dariush Boujabadi ’22 made it to quarterfinals in district.
  • Luella Bakker-Barrink ’22 advanced to quarterfinals in district.
  • Payton Kim ’19 and Caroline Crocker-Gordon ’20 advanced to quarterfinals in district.

“This team as a whole has improved drastically throughout the season,” said tennis coach David Hall. “Their improvement brought along a deeper passion for the sport of tennis, which will continue as they keep playing.” He continued, saying, “Fitness became one of the team's greatest strengths as did consistency, both of which are vital in tennis. Sportsmanship was always very good, which makes it an honor to coach the young men and young women at SBS!”