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Spring Collegiate Athletes

Spring Collegiate Athletes

For many seniors, an abrupt end to their high school athletic careers caused by COVID-19 has been hard to accept. For a few, these last several weeks has them continuing to work hard and prepare for the next season of life in collegiate athletics. This unlikely season of life propelling them toward their future has these athletes eager to demonstrate the knowledge and experience they gained through the athletic program at SBS.

Dylan Kim ‘20 is playing baseball next year at San Diego State University and is excited for the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level. Kim reflects on his time at SBS, “I have been playing baseball my whole life and at SBS since seventh grade. The athletic program and the coaches at SBS have molded me into a better overall player,” said Kim. On moving forward to play at SDSU, Kim said, “I am looking forward to putting in lots of work to become the best player I can be.”

Another product of the SBS baseball program is Carlos Macias ‘20, who will be playing next year at Southwestern University. Macias, who also began playing for SBS in seventh grade, is thankful for the program at SBS.

“The program has taught me to play with excellence because there is an expectation to be a good team, so we want to live up to that. Coach Noble has always been a great mentor to me. He taught me how to be a leader and handle adversity.” When talking about the next steps at Southwestern University, Macias said, “I am looking forward to meeting new people and competing at a high level.”

Another athlete who SBS is proud to see participate in a collegiate athletics program is Maddie Johnson ‘20, who will run for Texas Christian University next year. Her hard work and dedication to her events, the 300 and 100-meter hurdles, are evident and she feels, worthwhile.

“The process was hard trying to find a school that best fit me, but when I went on my official visit to TCU, it felt like home. I am excited to go to the meets and compete against some of the greatest athletes in the world. Because of COVID-19, I was unable to compete this season, so I am excited to compete again.”

On her success, Johnson has her coaches to thank. “The SBS athletics program pushed me to be the best athlete I can be. Coach Lane constantly stretched me and encouraged me throughout high school to be not only a good athlete but also a good person,” said Johnson. “He steered me towards the Cross and always encouraged me to trust God. SBS helped me use my faith on the track. Coach Worley always prayed for me and encouraged me to trust God and calmed me down when I was stressed.”