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Spring Art Show: A Big Hit!

Spring Art Show: A Big Hit!

With an activity as expressive as art, community remains at the core, fueling perseverance and determination. Second Baptist School art students exhibited enthusiasm and overwhelming joy due to their Spring Art Show being back in-person. In the fall, students showcased their grit despite the obstacles, and the Virtual Fall Art Show was a tremendous success. This year, the Spring Art Show, which took place April 27-29, presented students an exciting opportunity to present their hard work to appreciative art supporters, face-to-face.  

Shown at the Woliver-Anderson Library, students from lower to upper school showcased a varied range of artistic topics through various mediums to produce a kaleidoscopic and diverse art exhibit. The gallery definitively emphasized the beauty of variety. 

Ellie Eschweiler, a junior studying 2D art, verbalizes this concept, asserting, “It’s inspiring and fun to see how each artist is creative in his or her own way. Seeing my pieces on display, I felt like I was a part of that.” Ellie conveys the shared experience of art students at Second Baptist School, where creativity and deviation from the norm is encouraged along with the larger fulfillment of being part of a team.

As the studying of such an unbound subject must include exploration and expression, students in visual arts are encouraged to discover which branches of art appeal to them specifically. For example, Kennedy Crites ‘22 chose to study 3D art and created a project with the prompt, “your story.” 

Kennedy explains, “I had to ask, ‘who am I?’ and ‘how do I put that in an art piece?’ exploring and depicting the answers to tough internal questions.” 

Similarly, Grace Evans ‘21 shares her journey exploring abstract concepts of humanity in AP art. She was “able to discover more emotions and study how complex they may be over time.”

SBS art students continuously display commitment and passion for their work. With creativity, students impressed their supporters with the best of their art. Who knows what remarkable things these artists will accomplish! As Picasso put so eloquently, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

We give thanks for our talented art teachers who made this show possible - Maddie Long, Sarah McKeon, GeAnna Manners and Nora Ripple. Every day these teachers share their passion for God as our Creator, who teaches us to create.