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Spring Art Show 2019

Spring Art Show 2019

Kay Day, upper school yearbook, art and photojournalism teacher explains, “Before this week’s Spring Art Show, all of the art teachers came together and brainstormed how we could engage our PreK-12 audience and SBS community this year. We have incredibly talented students, and we wanted to make sure they receive the recognition they deserve. This year, the art show includes interactive art installations and live music from talented SBS students.”

Mrs. Day’s students have been working diligently on final pieces for the show. She continues, “They finalized their very best pieces through class critiques held after our projects were completed. I am thrilled to teach my two classes of ninth grade students- they love to experiment, are always up for trying something new and bring a breath fresh of air into our art classroom. Furthermore, Mrs. Day says, “Our ninth grade Art 1 students created gridded self-portraits with the intent to symbolize who they are. The self-portraits are the two classes’ best products, and I am so proud of their hard work in and out of class.”

Moreover, Middle School Art Teacher Sarah McKeon states that “Middle school can be a ‘messy’ time for students. With so many changes and growing pains, taking art is an important way for students to use creativity to express themselves. My goal is to love my students with the love of Christ, let them see Him as the greatest artist and teach them skills and techniques to gain confidence through their creativity. The art show is a fun time for friends and family to come admire and celebrate all of the hard work these students have put in the last two semesters.”

Lower School Art Teacher Madeline Long says, “The art show is extra special for the lower school students, since we don't always have time to show off their artwork during class. During the show, they are able to look at their own work and the work of their friends. Students have the ability to see remember past projects in the grades before but also look to the future and gain excitement for the projects to come. They are all so amazed at the artwork of the middle school and upper school students! This is an exciting and rare time to see the entire school come together as one!” 

Finally, Upper School Honors Art and Photography Teacher Nora Ripple ’02 concludes by stating, “I love being able to step back and see the visual story all of AP's concentration pieces tell when viewed all together.”

Congratulations, artists and art teachers! We are blown away by your creativity and thank you for sharing your amazing pieces with us during the Spring Art Show.  

The closing reception was the perfect culmination to a week of beauty, sight-seeing and art interpretation!

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see!” French artist Edgar Degas