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Sparkling Showcase: Golden Girls Spring Show 2023-2024

Sparkling Showcase: Golden Girls Spring Show 2023-2024

Step into the spotlight with the 2023 - 2024 Golden Girls, who faithfully embody the core values of Second Baptist School, set the stage on fire with their dazzling performances and unwavering dedication. This truth was demonstrated once again at their annual Golden Girls Spring Show, a performance which highlighted not only the creative talents of the Golden Girls themselves, but many others deserving spotlight and recognition. 

The energy in the room soared as the 2024 - 2025 Varsity Cheer and 2023 - 2024 Middle School Spirit Teams excited the audience with a spectacular performance full of jaw dropping stunts, accompanied with joyful smiles and cheers! The excitement continued as the “Golden Guys - Class of 2024 Boys” danced to “Unwritten,” which left the audience speechless yet full of laughter! Showcasing the talent within the school community, the Golden Girls shared the stage with soloists Anastasia Rowlen ‘25 and Brayden Harrison ‘25 who set the tone for excellence which the Golden Girls continue to demonstrate. 

However, the Golden Girls’ demonstration of service and care for those around them is not limited to once a year. Coach Madelyn Whitehead and Assistant Coach Jaqueline Rose described their senior dancers, Caroline Lane and Geneva Hudson, as “freshman-like,” explaining that “you would never know they were seniors because their leadership was marked by service and selflessness.” Grace, poise and leadership not only define Captain, Caroline Lane ‘24, as a person, but equally as a dancer. During her Captain Solo routine, the audience had the opportunity to observe these qualities first hand as Caroline’s hard work and dedication to dance was brought into focus. We are so proud of student leaders at Second Baptist School who demonstrate consistency and excellence in all of their endeavors. 

From Barbie’s “Pink” to a Jersey Boys Medley, the Golden Girls Spring Show was truly out of this world. The crowd marveled as the team showcased their signature Pom dance to the tune of "Outer Space Girls," a routine that propelled them to a triumphant third place in Division II at the TAPPS Competition earlier in the season. With infectious excitement, the Golden Girls graced the stage "One More Time," their unity and passion for dance shining through. 

The 2023-2024 Golden Girls have not only left their mark through their achievements but have also exemplified unwavering dedication to their team, setting a standard for future years of Golden Girls to admire and aspire to.

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