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Seventh Grade Field Trip

Seventh Grade Field Trip

There is no greater place to learn about Texas History and see examples of it firsthand than our great state’s Capitol in Austin, Texas. The seventh grade recently visited the Capitol building to put some of their classroom learning into a real world perspective.

“The purpose of the field trip was for students to understand the history of the Texas Capitol building and Visitor's Center,” said seventh grade Texas History Teacher Mr. Cordell. “Students were taught about the branches of the Texas Government and how they work.”

As a way to make connections between what students learn in the classroom and what they learned at the Capitol, students participated in a Texas-themed scavenger hunt on the Capitol grounds. They had to find and cross off the memorials and statues of different Texans who shaped our state’s history.

“The students were able to get hands-on learning of the events that take place inside the Capitol,” said Cordell. “We toured the Senate Chamber and walked through many different rooms that showed students all that the Capitol does for the state of Texas.”