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Setting Sail for Summer

Setting Sail for Summer

This summer, Alyssa Elias ‘20 spent three weeks sailing from Saint Martin to eight different islands, and back. Not only did she travel with high schoolers who were fully responsible for doing the actual sailing, but they participated in water sports, diving and service projects along the way.

Alyssa’s best friend called her up to share the opportunity, provided through Broadreach, and according to her, “At first, I thought there is no way I am living on a boat for three weeks. Yet, after one day of thinking about it, I thought about how amazing and life changing it would be so I said, yes.”

Alyssa went on to say, “This program gave me the opportunity to participate in several different activities. We sailed, of course, but that wasn't even the half of it. We went diving 1-5 times a day. Each time we dove it was on a new reef we hadn't been to before.”

She continued to say about diving, “The program is focused mainly on diving, but in order to get to new reefs and islands we would sail there. We sailed to 8 different islands.” 

Alyssa’s trip was not just about sailing and enjoying the beautiful ocean, it was also a service opportunity. “We served the eight different islands by helping clean up hiking trails.”

When asked about her favorite part, Alyssa said, “My favorite part was definitely the sailing. Even though it's difficult to learn, when I am sailing, everything goes away. I am at peace and I feel so happy. Being able to sail allows me to realize how much I love nature and the ocean.”