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Serve #SBStogether

Serve #SBStogether

On Saturday, April 24, members of the SBS community spent their morning at Agape Development through Serve Houston, a Second Baptist Church service day where every Bible study class is assigned a project to do together. This was the school's first time joining in with SBC for Serve Houston, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. 

SBS partnered with Agape Development, a local service organization founded and currently run by SBS alumni and parents Amanda '96 and Kirk '96 Craig. Amanda and Kirk's four children are current students, Elijah '21, Sophia '23, Chloe '26 and William '30. 

According to the nonprofit’s mission, Agape Development is “transforming [Houston] by preparing Christ-following, independent community leaders.” SBS volunteers worked on a variety of projects for Agape that included cleaning buildings, washing Agape vans, painting rooms, organizing ministry spaces, landscaping and hauling tires off of building lots owned by Agape. 

Part of the goal of this project was to give SBS students and their families an opportunity to serve together as a school community. Parents and students from pre-kindergarten through upper school participated side by side. 

Courtney Tauber, SBS staff member, said, “We collaborated with the SBC ministry team and the deans of students from each division. Agape was gracious in giving us projects that would work for PK families all the way up to high school students. It was incredibly humbling and inspiring to see all ages and groups from the SBS community come out on a Saturday morning to be the hands and feet of Christ." 

With such a huge response from the SBS community, it is clear there is a desire to serve. Courtney Tauber concludes, “This year, we were thankful for the opportunity to serve alongside Agape Development. They are an amazing ministry and the fact that an alumni and current family runs it made it an even sweeter experience! We are inspired to provide more opportunities for community service in the future, whether it is through Serve Houston or year-round.”

What did our students have to say about the experience?

"I love giving back to the community and this was a great opportunity that the school and church offered to be able to support our city." - Danielle Tackett '22

"I chose to participate in Serve Houston to glorify God and serve the community." - Jessie McCutcheon '24

"It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t think of a better way to have spent it." - Caroline Lane '24

"I like doing community service to help God's kingdom. It's also really fun." - Luke '33