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Senior Retreat: Growth and Connection

Senior Retreat: Growth and Connection

By Assistant Head of Upper School Brent Harrison

The journey through school is peppered with moments that define us, inspire us and shape our worldview. As our seniors step closer to the precipice of graduation, their experiences culminate in Senior Retreat, an event orchestrated to usher them into the next phase of their lives with grace, love and purpose

Deepening Bonds 
The primary goal of the retreat was to foster a deeper understanding and bond between the seniors, allowing them not just to remember names but stories and hearts. This year, it was especially poignant as students connected with their new classmates. Time away from the usual school hustle provided the Class of 2024 with an environment where they could share laughter, reminisce about past events and build stronger connections. By day's end, it was evident that unfamiliar faces had turned into familiar friendships.

Empowering Breakout Sessions 
Our dedicated faculty played a pivotal role in the retreat by presenting curated breakout sessions. These sessions were not just about sharing knowledge; they also focused on invoking introspection, fostering leadership skills and emphasizing the importance of living biblically. The themes were clear: thinking critically, leading courageously and holding firm to their faith and values. We aimed to ensure that as our students transition from Second Baptist School, they carry the spirit of discernment, the courage to lead and the fortitude to stand by their beliefs.

A Letter from the Heart 
One of the most touching moments of the retreat was when students were handed letters from their parents. Words of pride and love,  with hope expressed for the future. Parents, in their wisdom and love, reminded their children of the biblical teachings that have been their foundation. They encouraged them to continue walking the path with Christ, especially as they transition into their college years. Tears were shed, hugs exchanged and promises made. It was a touching reminder that while they might be stepping into a wider world, they carry with them the love and teachings from home.

Looking Ahead 
As the retreat came to a close, there was a shift. From connections made to lessons learned and affirmations received, our seniors emerged more prepared for the journey ahead. As a community, we stand behind them with pride and faith.

In their next phase of life, we trust they will be beacons of love, leadership and faith. The Senior Retreat was not just an event; it was a testament to the spirit of Second Baptist School, a spirit that promises to shine brightly in each of our seniors wherever they may go.