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SBS Tech Squad

SBS Tech Squad

The SBS Tech Squad is made up of 12 students in third and fourth grade. In order to become a member of the squad, students must fill out an application, which includes a student interest survey, a short essay, teacher recommendation and parent signature. The Technology Team then does a blind review of the applications to make the selections are based on who has a desire to learn more about technology and serve as a student leader.

These young leaders assist other students and the teacher in their class with basic technology troubleshooting on a day-to-day basis. They also test out new tech products and apps that could be implemented in the future.

Most recently, SBS Tech Squad students are tasked with running the lower school chapel slideshow. Additionally, Mrs. Morris, middle school coding and robotics teacher, visited with these students as a special guest speaker. Students rotated through stations taught by three SBS middle school students to learn about drones, Sphero and Swift. According to Director of Technology Hannah Noble ‘03, “We believe guest speakers provide students with a new perspective and level of interest. This is a great way to give them a sneak peak into what technology elective opportunities they will have in middle school.”

SBS is so proud of these students who are hungry to learn and are succeeding in working alongside their peers to provide assistance in the classroom. Noble went on to say, “This squad isn’t afraid to try new things and even gives us adults new things to consider when it comes to technology implementation throughout the school.”

Third Graders: Reed, Kannon, Harrison, Addie, Jenna and Stefania
Fourth Graders: Rylan, Reese, Will, Caroline, Blake, Jacob