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SBS National Honor Society

SBS National Honor Society

On February 19, eager upperclassmen filled the Sanctuary pews, anticipating their induction into the prestigious National Honor Society. The inductees worked diligently in their three upper school years, maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA to receive membership. Additionally, they must show a commitment not only to academic excellence, but also to servant leadership.

National Honor Society is a nationally recognized commendation, and its membership has become a key feature in resumes when applying for and being admitted into colleges.

Dean of Academics Jacob Lindsey had the honor of initiating the new members. “Founded in 1921, the National Honor Society is a nationwide organization that recognizes students for outstanding achievement in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character and, most especially, service. Membership in the Florence Weaver Chapter of the National Honor Society is one of the most prestigious academic distinctions that an upper school student at Second Baptist School can attain. Not only does membership acknowledge students' commitment to academic excellence, but it also signifies a dedication to serving SBS and the broader Houston community,” Mr. Lindsey said.

Current senior members of the organization have pursued this mission in the past year, participating in various service activities both on and off campus. For instance, last semester, a number of students took part in a fundraiser for an organization based in Haiti called myLIFEspeaks. Students also served in the annual Angels of Light festivities in December, donating items along with their time in an effort to help better the community.

Presently, members have been assisting with a food drive for Agape Development Ministries through gathering donated supplies together to be given to the organization.

All of these service project opportunities have been coordinated and organized through the efforts of Service Prefect Nico Barrera ’20. Members of National Honor Society play active roles in this service committee in order to guarantee all donation bins are consistently filled and volunteers are always plentiful.