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SBS Golden Girls Shine at Contest

SBS Golden Girls Shine at Contest

Through what has been a year full of cancellations, pivots and rescheduling, the SBS Golden Girls still managed to polish, perfect and prepare their competition dances for this year’s competition season.

In early August, the Golden Girls started learning competition choreography in addition to preparations for the upcoming football season. They rehearsed every weekday and sometimes Saturdays to absorb every bit of technical training and choreography thrown their way. The only differences being, masks, and, no guarantee competition would happen as it normally does, or happen at all.

During preparations, the captains took a great deal of initiative. This year’s captains, Caroline Bolling ‘21 and Lauryn Edwards ‘21, set the stage for excellence and hard work. According to Golden Girls Coach Madelyn Whitehead, “Caroline and Lauryn really took this year’s team to the next level. They would call additional rehearsals and work with select groups during Community Time unprompted by me. In addition, the team has a deep respect for their seniors and therefore, works hard for them. As a coach, you can’t ask for a better combination!”

Preparing mentally and physically for competition is necessary. The Golden Girls went the extra mile to ensure their heads and hearts were in the right space to compete. To help the team prepare spiritually and emotionally, Golden Girls Chaplain Cate Calderon ‘23 developed a prayer calendar for the girls to follow throughout the month of January. This calendar assigned each Golden Girl a day to commit to prayer. Prayer for travel safety, health, other dance programs, judges, themselves and the Lord’s will to be done.

As the date for their State TAPPS Dance Competition approached, the girls continued to push themselves. According to Coach Whitehead, “In the final two weeks approaching TAPPS, this team continued to work hard and did everything in their power to stay safe. I prayed each day that they would stay healthy, so they’d have the opportunity to experience the rewards that come with competition.” On January 19, 2021, the Golden Girls boarded the bus to Temple, Texas, on their way to the TAPPS Dance Championships. Coach Whitehead continued, “We took a moment to pause on our ride and thank God for His faithfulness. We really couldn’t believe that we had made it, every one of us.”

In their fifth year at the TAPPS Dance Championships, the Golden Girls competed in the largest category against incredibly talented programs. The Golden Girls gave it their all and walked away the first runner-up in a very close finish. In addition, they received several All-State nominations:


Caroline Bolling ‘21 - 1st Team

Lauryn Edwards ‘21 - 1st Team

Emily Bolling ‘23 - 2nd Team

Kate Davidson ‘22 - Honorable Mention

Lauren Schweers ‘23 - Honorable Mention


Though taking home the title was the goal, according to Lauren Schweers ‘23, “As a Golden Girl, I learned that hard work doesn't always pay off in the ways you think it will. It's so rewarding to put your best work out on the floor, no matter the outcome!”

Caroline Bolling ‘21 also made the Leap Company through a series of auditions at the conclusion of the day’s events. This will be the fourth year in a row the Golden Girls have placed in the top two at the TAPPS Dance State Championships.

After the TAPPS competition, the Golden Girls competed in the Crowd Pleasers January Premiere on Saturday, January 30, against several other public and private schools across Houston. There they competed 2 solos, 1 officer duet and 3 team dances. In addition, MS Spirit was represented by Elizabeth Morse ‘25 who competed her solo. The Golden Girls walked away with Best in Class ratings for all of their dances and as the Overall Grand Champion Small Select High School Team, while Elizabeth Morse ‘25 placed second overall in the middle school division.

According to Kate Davidson ‘ 22, “During competition season this year, I learned just how strong and hard-working my team is. Our dances this year were very difficult and took a lot of practice to master and we gave it just that. We spent countless hours on our dances, whether it was at a 6 a.m. practice, after a long day of school or on a Saturday. No matter what was going on at school or at home, we were able to put those things aside and give each practice our all.”

Congratulations, Golden Girls, on a successful competition season! Mark your calendars for their annual Spring Show Monday, April 19, 2021!