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SBS Aquila Yearbook Receives Recognition

SBS Aquila Yearbook Receives Recognition

Each year, the SBS Aquila Yearbook is published and produced by a talented group of SBS upper schoolers. This yearbook is always highly anticipated and cutting edge. For many years, the yearbook has been recognized for its innovation and excellence. This year was no exception. The 2020-2021 SBS Aquila Yearbook received the Walsworth Gallery of Excellence award, National Scholastic Press Association, First Class award and for only the fourth time in school history, the National Scholastic Press Association, Mark of Distinction for Coverage for Exemplary Work award.

Assistant Editor in Chief Joanie Darnall ‘22 shared, “My favorite part about working on the 2021 Aquila Yearbook was that it was the first yearbook where we really were able to express our creativity. The No Matter What book was different from the previous books in a way where we were allowed to use different colors, fonts, effects and art pieces in order to make the book look a lot more engaging and fun.”

Though impressive, no yearbook is produced without its challenges. Editor in Chief Kate Kell ‘22 shared, “The most challenging part of working on a yearbook is finding out how to incorporate more coverage in a small amount of space.” Joanie continued and said, “In addition, it is a lengthy process to get through the hundreds of stages of approval; one page has to pass before being proofed to be included in the book. Even when you think you have done an amazing job on a spread and there aren't any flaws, there is always going to be something to improve! Luckily, we have a great team of people willing to help everyone and get the job done, so it makes the proofing process a little easier.”

Joanie also spoke specifically on the takeaways of being on the yearbook staff, “Yearbook has taught me so much more than I imagined! It has taught me to think critically by having to analyze infinite amounts of captions, stories and spread designs–since these things are not taught in any other class, I really had to put myself into a different mindset to think differently and produce good outcomes. In addition, leading courageously comes with the territory of being a yearbook veteran. The work that we do is so specialized that when people come into yearbook class for the first time, they have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Learning a whole new vocabulary and way of thinking is difficult, so leading by example for the people you need to teach is important. Lastly, living biblically comes with the community within the yearbook staff. Unlike other classes, we are all piled into one class that never changes the whole year–we get to learn to all work together and respect one another.”

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 yearbook staff on an outstanding publication. We are eager to see what you do next!