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Samson Features SBS Weight Room

Samson Features SBS Weight Room

Samson Equipment emphasizes the importance of the weight room in achieving the school mission in interviews with Director of Athletics Mike Walker and Director of Athletic Performance Nick Mascioli.

Click here to read the full post, “Revealing Why Strength and Conditioning are Important.”

Click here to watch Samson’s video of the updated SBS weight room. 

Thanks to generous Second Fund donations, the SBS weight room was reimagined in the summer of 2022 with equipment updates by Samson, which expanded our capacity to train more students and teams at a higher level. Samson is a premier equipment company with a portfolio that includes collegiate and professional weight rooms, and we were thrilled to partner with them.

Director of Athletic Performance Nick Mascioli shared with Samson, “The weight room acts as the center of gravity for our athletic program because every single one of our students, middle and high school, is going to find their way in here. We’re not impacting just one program, but all the programs.” He continues, “We want to give our students lifelong skills that are not only going to help them on the field or the court but are also going to help them in life outside Second Baptist.”  

“When kids walk into this weight room, they feel loved, just like Jesus loved them,” Coach Mascioli emphasized. “We have an opportunity daily to impact their lives for the kingdom of heaven. With this weight room, it gives us more opportunities to minister to our kids, and that’s the most important thing.”

Director of Athletics Mike Walker summarized, “Samson partnered with us to get more students in the weight room, which allows us to execute our school mission on an even higher level.”