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Rodeo Houston Art Competitions

Rodeo Houston Art Competitions

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Competition
By far our best year yet, Second Baptist School students competed in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HSLR) art competition, earning medals, ribbons and coveted spots competing in a quick draw contest. 

Fifth grader Kendal Lippy earned the highest honor, Best of Show, for the second year in a row! Her artwork will be displayed in the Hayloft Gallery at the HLSR this spring. What’s more, two other students earned gold medals and will also display their work this year; please join us in congratulating Gemma Lane ‘30 and Alyssa Zhang ‘27 on this impressive achievement!

Only pieces that win Best of Show or gold medals are displayed at the rodeo in March. When you attend Rodeo Houston this season, make sure to search the Hayloft Gallery for Kendal, Gemma and Alyssa's award-winning pieces! Over the next few weeks, all of the winners will be on display in the SBS library gallery. 

Quick Draw Contest

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo hosts a separate art competition called a Rodeo Quick Draw with cash prizes. For the first time, SBS middle school students applied to compete, and Ella Petersen ‘27 & Alyssa Zhang ‘27 were chosen as finalists, with Lucy Brown ‘28 as an alternate. Art teacher Sarah McKeon shared, “This is a huge accomplishment with competition at the highest level. These students competed against hundreds of other students from Houston and the surrounding areas for the finalist spots.” Following the competition on January 22, Mrs. McKeon summarized, “It was a great experience for Ella and Alyssa to see what it's like to draw in such a high stakes environment.”

Congratulations to all of our lower and middle school students who participated in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Competition!

Samantha ‘35 - Red Ribbon
Charlotte ‘35 - Blue Ribbon
Charley ‘33 - Blue Ribbon
Caroline ‘33 - Blue Ribbon
Brooklyn ‘32 - Blue Ribbon
Dean ‘32 - Blue Ribbon
Genivie ‘31 - Blue Ribbon
Savannah ‘31 - Blue Ribbon

Kendal Lippy ‘30 - Best of Show
Gemma Lane ‘30 - Gold Medalist

Brette Baker ‘29 - Blue Ribbon
Anaya Sharma ‘29 - Blue Ribbon
Sloane Secrest ‘28 - Red Ribbon
Sydney Hall ‘28 - Blue Ribbon
Lucy Brown ‘28  - Finalist/Turquoise Ribbon 
Ella Petersen ‘27 - Red Ribbon
Aubrey Jackson ‘27 - Red Ribbon
Berkley Blount ‘27 - Red Ribbon
Hannah Modisette ‘27 - Red Ribbon
Alyssa Zhang ‘27 - Gold Medalist

*Each finalist received a ribbon based on the tier they qualified for, with blue ribbons indicating first place, red as second and white as third. A turquoise ribbon indicates a student in the running for Best of Show or a medal. Best of Show and Gold Medalists have their work displayed in the Hayloft Gallery.