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Rodeo Art Contest

Rodeo Art Contest

For some, Houston’s highly anticipated rodeo season starts with the announcing of the concerts. For others, it’s being there, smelling the barbecue, feeling the beginnings of spring with the sun on their face and watching the calf scramble. At Second Baptist School, the start of rodeo season is marked by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Contest. SBS proudly brought home 29 ribbons for the remarkable artwork our students presented.

Students from second to twelfth grade worked hard this year to create western compositions and their art depicted many elements of western culture, historical and modern, from cattle and landscape to scenes depicting cowboy life.

"I really enjoyed seeing the students use their own photos to create a western composition,” said upper school art teacher Nora Ripple ‘02. “It's more personal for them when it's something they've taken and created."

“This year, students worked in several different mediums, such as chalk, charcoal, oil pastel and watercolor to create rodeo projects,” said middle school art teacher Sarah McKeon. “It was amazing to see all of their hard work as they applied themselves to create a unique piece. I am very proud of these artists.”

Below are the award-winning artists!


Calla ‘29

Mary Emma ’30

Lachlyn ‘30

Evangeline Sahinen ‘26

Daniel Ventura ‘26

Grace Calabrese ‘26

Reese Womble ‘26

Elizabeth Wise ‘26

Rachel James ‘20

Grace Evans ‘21

Luke Johnson ‘21

Kennedy Crites ‘22

Haley Bullington ‘20

Bella Phillips ‘20

Maddie Erwin ‘20



Luke ’28

Caroline ‘29

Charlie ‘32

Cate ‘32

Kirby Harrison ‘26

Blake Harrison ‘26

Nic Schweers ‘26

Chloe Craig ‘26

Ava Kate Maffet ‘26

Ella Petersen ‘27

Jude Brown ‘27

Morgan Bingham ‘21

Téa Flores ‘21

Tristan Ellis ‘22


Turquoise (Finalist)

Caroline ‘28

Morgan Bingham ‘21

Kirby Harrison ‘26

Ella Peterson ‘27


These art pieces are on display in the Woliver-Anderson library. Stop in to see them before they are gone!