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Proud to be an American

Proud to be an American

Ask Second Baptist School “lifers” and they’ll be able to tell you which president or first lady they portrayed in the annual second grade Parade of Presidents program. This long-standing tradition is full of nostalgia and almost a rite of passage for an SBS Eagle. This year’s second graders participated in this tradition with pride and whimsy, once again bringing to life patriotism and the rich history of leadership in our great country. 

As the Parade of Presidents program unfolded with all the pomp and circumstance deserving of our presidents and first ladies, we were reminded of the biblical values our country was founded on. In our SBS community, we hold fast to these values, honoring Christ with our talents, as our second graders so proudly did in their carefully rehearsed program.

In precious pairs, the presidents and first ladies paraded in, confidently holding their heads high and wearing carefully curated costumes. One by one, the students took the stage, speaking clearly and carefully into the microphone, unafraid of the audience of parents, teachers and friends. Each one shared the legacy of the first ladies and presidents with humor, poise and class. The program even included our newest president and first lady: Jill and Joe Biden, portrayed by Newtie and Sydney. 

The legacy of this program lives on from one generation to the next. Alumna, current SBS parent and SBS staff member Brooke Maxcy McGee ‘11 says, “It’s so special to have been part of a tradition that began long before me and continues to this day. In 2001, I played James Madison since we didn’t have enough boys in our class to cover all the presidents.” She continues, “I can still quote all the presidents in order because of the song we learned. I love that my own daughter, Clare ‘36, will get to learn the same songs and be part of the same tradition in just a few years.”

Led by lower school music director Liza Brown, the presidents and first ladies ended the program with beautiful songs of patriotism that made us all proud to be an American. Head of Lower School Evette Haberman sums up the hard work and success of the program, saying, “We enjoyed a walk through history as the second grade students portrayed presidents and first ladies! Students had so much fun learning about their chosen character -- they became experts! This program is always a highlight of the school year, and students grow so much in their ability to speak before an audience. Thank you teachers for the hard work it takes making this event a huge success!”

God bless America!