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Promise and Possibility

Promise and Possibility

First grade teachers introduced their students’ annual program, Dream Big, in front of a Sanctuary full of parents, friends and grandparents. “God wants his children to catch His vision for their lives and shine like stars for Him.” The SBS Class of 2033 certainly shines bright and is full of promise and possibility for the future. 

First grade teacher Jordan Danvers shares, “As teachers, parents and grandparents, we have been entrusted to help guide these precious children. Our greatest desire is for each of them to reach their full potential and to be the person God has called them to be.”

In first grade at Second Baptist School, “students learn that God has a wonderful plan for each of their lives and a special job for each one of us; something that we can do for Him, that will help others and will further His kingdom,” shared the first grade teachers.

Hopeful about their bright futures, students dressed the part of their dream jobs - from athletes to teachers, palentologists to artists, even a gemologist! In special songs, students sang about what they want to be when they grow up and about the love God has for them, trusting, as the song said, “God has a plan for me.”

Head of School Dr. Don Davis said, “To be together again in person, celebrating this extraordinary community, made Dream Big even more special this year. I am proud of our children and thankful for committed teachers who understand the responsibility of pouring biblical truths into them each day.” 

Jordan Danvers concluded the program by thanking the students’ families, for “no job is more important than that of a parent and grandparent. Your influence never ends. We honor you for the continuous love and support you show each and every day, as you seek to raise children who DREAM BIG and follow God’s plan for their lives.”