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Prefects Start to Make a Difference

Prefects Start to Make a Difference

Hello Second Baptist School Community, 

My name is Danielle Tackett, and I serve as the Head Prefect this academic year. I partner alongside a talented group of prefects: Tanner Chapman ‘22 - Service, Autumn Malone ‘22 - Publicity, Cameron Kelley ‘22 - Student Life, Naomi Konuma ‘22 - Ministry and Daniel Klein ‘22 - Academic. We utilize our different platforms to unify the SBS community with the goal of being the difference to each other and the world. My fellow prefects and I have been hard at work creating opportunities to demonstrate our school’s spirit and shine a light on what makes our school different. 

During my Convocation address on the first day of school, I challenged our community to recognize our differences and promote positive change by honoring God. I addressed the underclassmen, asking them to watch us as we lead and hold us accountable. Strive to be better than us. You will see us lead on and off the field.

The athletic department serves as a great example of leadership and unity on the Second Baptist School campus. I plan to build upon this unity through the bond of varsity athletes with young, aspiring Eagle athletes. Wednesday, September 29, will be the fifth and sixth grade varsity football experience. Young Eagles will pass, play and practice with the varsity football team, growing the future of Eagle athletics and building unity for our boys. More details to come and keep an eye out for a women’s volleyball opportunity soon!

A school that is different focuses on honoring Christ through service. Whether an actor, teammate, underclassman or senior, I challenged us, as a community, to showcase our faith in God through the gift of service. 

  • In less than one month into school, student life has returned to SBS because of the efforts of Student Life Prefect Cameron Kelley and Mrs. Jennifer Daniels. We have hosted a Friday night football game, an exciting upper school pep rally and a disco-themed back-to-school dance. All these activities bonded grade levels, creating the social normalcy we as a student body desire. 

  • In our first upper school Chapel of this year, Ministry Prefect Naomi Konuma elaborated on the theme of being the difference by speaking on her identity in Christ, to "Be His,” referencing Exodus 3:1-17. 

  • Publicity Prefect Autumn Malone uses her platform to inform and involve the student body every day. The “Second Second” announcements heard each morning in upper school relay messages to students and promote enthusiasm within the community. A group with a collaborative mindset evokes change. 

  • The prefects and I are excited to accompany freshmen and sophomores on their upcoming retreats. This time together allows us as upperclassmen to advise and share our high school experiences with the underclassmen, demonstrating how to use our God-given characteristics and talents to become leaders and be the difference. 

Our journey as student leaders has just begun. I look forward to observing the changes and positive impacts these propositions and plans will have on our student body and the entirety of the SBS community. #SBSdifference