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New #SBSfamily Members: Part 1 - Pratt Family

New #SBSfamily Members: Part 1 - Pratt Family

Transitioning to a new school is always just that - a transition. Transitioning to a new school during a pandemic is a whole different story. In summer and fall of 2020, with many schools remaining virtual, families were faced with unforeseen questions and dilemmas regarding their children’s education. In a time of uncertainty, SBS stepped in and offered a supportive, Christian community with in-person education, invaluable to many. Director of Admissions Andrea Prothro notes, "Second Baptist School’s vision to expand Christian education remained steadfast in a time when families were searching for hope. We are blessed to have been able to answer the call and provide an opportunity for families to experience our #SBSfamily." 

Part of a three-week series, this first week, we will hear from the Pratt family and their middle school boys who have enjoyed making new friends and participating in middle school sports.

Pratt Family | Michael ‘25 and Carson ‘27

What brought you to SBS this school year? 

We have two boys, a sixth grader, Carson, and an eighth grader, Michael. We believe it is so important for them to have the camaraderie and culture of attending school in person, building relationships, playing sports and actively learning on a school campus. 

In late July 2020, when Spring Branch Independent School District informed the public that they were pushing back on-campus learning with no real indication when it would go back, we had to quickly evaluate our options. We were already considering sending our boys to private school for high school, so we decided this might be a good time to make the move. Fortunately, with the help from the incredible SBS staff and some creative scheduling, we were able to navigate the admissions process and begin school on day one.

How was the transition to SBS for your family?

What struck us immediately was the sense of community we felt at SBS. We were all warmly greeted as newcomers to the school. As soon as we accepted, parents were reaching out to welcome us and help answer questions. Our boys were immediately accepted into the SBS family which made the transition that much easier. 

What was the fall semester like for you and your children?

Our first semester was amazing. Our boys have truly thrived at Second Baptist School. They quickly made friends and engaged with their teachers. We are so pleased with the quality of teaching and spiritual guidance our boys receive every day. Michael jumped into sports right away and enjoyed getting to know the boys on his middle school football team; he is now playing basketball and loving it. Carson can’t wait to play sports next year and brings home many stories of new friends and experiences. We have met so many wonderful families at SBS!

What are some highlights you’ve experienced in Christian education at SBS?

We were pleasantly surprised at the level of communication we receive from our boys’ teachers, school leadership and coaches. What really stands out about our experience at SBS is the spiritual education our boys are receiving now. Between their Bible classes and the incorporation of Christ-centered elements in every program, we are thankful we made the decision to come to SBS.

What differences have your children noticed at SBS?

When we asked Michael and Carson what differences they noticed, Michael was very impressed with the teaching, saying, “They actually TEACH you.” Carson has enjoyed the quality of friends he has made at SBS.

"As we enter our second semester at Second Baptist School, we are just so grateful. Grateful that God opened the doors of SBS to us. Grateful for the SBS teachers, leadership and families, and grateful for an educational environment that challenges, entertains and lifts up our boys. We look forward to growing in the SBS family and cannot wait to tell others about our wonderful experience."  - The Pratt Family

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