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Poised on the Frontlines of Educational Evolution

Poised on the Frontlines of Educational Evolution

The Council of Educational Standards & Accountability (CESA) hosts an annual conference bringing together Christian school leaders with the challenge of exploring solutions to position our schools and graduates to make a global impact.

The CESA Symposium for 2019 themed “Leading into the Future” was held in Washington, D.C. October 6-8, and was attended by Second Baptist School Head of School Dr. Don Davis, Head of Upper School Jon Konzelman, Head of Middle School Ellen Barrett, Head of Lower School Evette Haberman, Assistant Head of Lower School Liz Hester, Upper School Dean of Students Brad Lane and Director of Finance Karen Keir. 

Having attended CESA for the past five years, Dr. Davis finds value in what CESA represents, “...a group of Christian schools who pursue Christ-centered educational excellence at the highest level. We seek to encourage one another and spur each other to new levels of Christ-honoring excellence.” 

Resources provided and communities fostered at CESA are pivotal aspects of positioning SBS as educational leaders engaged in national and international trends. While each SBS staff member attended different sessions, their takeaways were all centered on how dramatically the educational landscape is shifting and how SBS is poised for growth. Liz Hester noted, “how quickly education evolves and how we, as Christian educators, can stand on the frontline of transformation.” 

Networking with like-minded peers and generating connections at Christ-centered schools is an invaluable part of attending CESA; “I always look forward to the networking opportunities! The Symposium’s schedule and structure are very intentional in connecting us with others, providing unique partnerships” states Hester. 

Cultivating camaraderie within a set of professionals can benefit our SBS admin team. Brad Lane notes, “Having a chance to network with other Christian schools opened my eyes to different options, ideas and ways of doing things. Being new to my role, all the information I received at CESA was invaluable. It felt good meeting others who have encountered similar issues. Now I have a network of like-minded professionals I can reach out to.” 

When the SBS admin team had breaks from symposium activities, they spent time focused on team-building and exploring Washington, D.C., touring the Bible Museum and the U.S. Capitol. 

Second Baptist School is poised to be on the frontlines of the next evolution in education by preparing our students to be leaders in a global community. Hester affirms that the SBS staff is dedicated to implementing what they learned at CESA in order to “...push to be better because God expects it and our students deserve it.”