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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

The curtains opened to two apartments, side by side. They could not be more different. Contrasting colors, elements and interior styles reflecting two contrasting personalities. Enter a love story held over multiple phone calls, miscommunications and hilarious hijinks. This is the story of Pillow Talk. Through the hard work and dedication of the SBS Theatre Co., three performances kept the audience entertained and on their toes the entire time.

“Mrs. Blades and Mrs. Westmoreland were very meticulous and detailed. They challenged us throughout the process of the show to step out of our comfort zones and work hard,” said Emily Cagle ‘20, who played the role of Jan Morrow. “They are the best!”

“Our directors do a great job of dissecting the script and making it very clear what every single line is saying,” said Michael DiCecco ‘21, who played the role of Brad Allen. “By doing this, it makes it easier for us to develop a character. They also are simply amazing teachers who know how to help any actor or actress become the character they are supposed to play.”

Behind the scenes preparation included countless hours of rehearsal, studying scripts and practicing lines in addition to the crew who help the show run seamlessly. Each cast and crew member is vital to the production, and the prep work that goes into each show looks different for everyone.

To prepare for the role of Jan Morrow, Cagle said, “I watched the movie to observe Doris Day because she is such an iconic actress and performed the role of Jan so flawlessly. I liked how my character was very feisty and headstrong because I haven't played many roles like that.”

DiCecco had a similar experience preparing. “For the role, I first watched the movie to see what the original Brad Allen was like. I wrote a character analysis for the honors theatrical performance class which required research to get me familiar with the character. Hours of practice and help from my directors telling me ways to make the character my own, helped me play this role.”