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Partnering with Parents at Second Baptist School

Partnering with Parents at Second Baptist School

As the school year began, parents and teachers met on campus for the beginning of the year parent coffees, a time to fellowship with other parents, meet administrators and hear about goals for the school year. It was a delight to have our caring community back together on campus with the common goal of partnership that will bless our students and families based on the mission of SBS.

What is the importance of parent partnership? Head of Middle School Ellen Barrett answers, “Parent partnership is at the heart of any student’s success in school. Parents have been entrusted by God with their children, and similarly have entrusted SBS with developing their child academically, socially and spiritually. By working together, our goal at SBS is to ensure each child’s potential is realized and cultivated.”

Trust and open communication are key elements of any partnership. “While support and trust are the bedrock of a great relationship, communication are the bricks we lay to build a structure of support,” says Ellen Barrett. “I seek to lead the way in communication, and ask that teachers do the same.” Parents are also encouraged to bring important information to their students’ teachers, as needed to support their learning and growth. Students, especially as they progress through middle and upper school, are given as much ownership as possible in developing strong communication habits. “When students are empowered to discuss school responsibilities with their parents, we show our kids that we trust they can handle communicating with the adults in their lives,” says Ellen Barrett. 

Ellen Barrett continues by sharing the intentionality of the teachers and administrators at SBS. “We want each of our students to grow and love the Lord, develop as learners and grow into who God called them to be.” Using the analogy of a garden, she shares her heart for growth this year, saying, “A seed doesn’t grow on it’s own. We, as teachers, parents and the adults in our students’ lives, are the ones who set the conditions for growth. We are the ones that create the environment in which they thrive. That’s on us. We must continue to self-examine and push hard to selflessly serve our children and students. It’s a humbling experience, but a blessing.”

Head of School Dr. Don Davis echoes these sentiments, saying, “Partnering with parents is one of our top priorities at Second Baptist School. As teachers and administrators, our desire is to support parents in fulfilling their God-given responsibility to train and educate their children in godliness (Deuteronomy 6:3-9). Our goal is to meet the needs of each member of our caring community, enriching the Christian education experience for each individual. I firmly believe we honor God as we work together for the highest and best for each student.” 

Dr. Davis concludes, “Thank you, parents, for partnering with us, for trusting us with your precious children and for believing in our mission to educate students for Christ.”