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Onward to Upper School

Onward to Upper School

Eighth graders, along with their teachers and families, celebrated the end of their middle school careers and the beginning of the upper school season. Once the students processed in, looking more grown up than ever, Head of School Dr. Don Davis, introduced the program.

Dr. Davis took a few moments to express gratitude to the students and families for their perseverance this school year, thanking them for walking this path with us and allowing us to partner with them in the education of their children. He also issued a brief but meaningful challenge to parents, saying, “These may be the last days you count your time left with your children at home by years,” reminding them to soak up this time together and savor every moment.

Every year, as a final project, eighth grade Bible students write a book of devotions, each sharing from their own faith experiences. Lillian Baker, Cameron Ertan, Olivia Shoemaker, Gianna Fasanella, Jake Miers and Sam Milinski shared their original devotionals with the audience, inspiring us all to have greater faith and trust in God.

Next, this year’s alumni speaker, Margaret Hartman ‘13, shared memories from her days as a lifer at SBS, and gave an inspiring message to the students heading into upper school. She praised their resiliency and reminded them that the best days are yet to come. Most of all, Margaret urged them to remain strong in the Lord, holding fast to their faith and remembering God’s goodness. “You are the salt of the earth and the light on the hill,” said Margaret. “Let your light shine before all men as children of God, not just as a product of the culture around you.”

Finally, awards were presented, and our proud eighth grade students received their certificates of promotion. Congratulations to Nate King for receiving the 2021 DAR Good Citizenship Award and Caris Kim and Brandon Sek for receiving the Karen Jensen Scholar Awards for outstanding scholastic excellence. 

Class of 2025, we’re proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do next!