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New #SBSfamily Members: Part 3

New #SBSfamily Members: Part 3

What is the #SBSdifference? Head of School Dr. Davis challenged our community at the beginning of the school year to Be the Difference. Our current families experience it daily and our new families quickly discover it. The SBS difference is intangible but always felt. 

The mission of Second Baptist School is to equip students to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Students graduate and their experiences with the world broaden. Many alumni find themselves back in Houston and starting families of their own. SBS aims to walk alongside its students, families and alumni in every stage of life and welcomes back those looking for their second home. Alumni Relations Coordinator Courtney Tauber expands on the affinity for SBS, “When alumni return, it’s because, years later, they want to give the same educational experience they received to their children.” 

The final in a three-week series, we will hear from an SBS alumni family, Travis Blades ‘06 and his wife Jenny (Long) Blades ‘06 about what stands out in from first semester at SBS with their daughter Emmy.


Blades Family | Emmaline ‘36 and Archer (age 2)

What led you to apply to Second Baptist School?

Travis Blades ‘06: Second Baptist School holds a special place in our hearts. Jenny and her siblings were Lifers who all attended the school from prekindergarten through twelfth grade. I attended from third grade through graduation, and my siblings all attended as well. After living in Los Angeles for years, Jenny and I decided we wanted to move back home to Houston to be closer to our family and also to ensure our children received the same faith-based education we grew up with. We felt drawn to send our children to SBS, where we knew they would have a strong community of teachers, friends and families that would support their education and faith. 

How did being alumni affect your decision to choose SBS for your children?

Having graduated and moved cross country and back again, we are still connected with so many friends and families we know and love from our time as students here. The SBS community is unmatched. Emmaline is now in the same grade as George, David and Genevieve, who are all fellow class of 2006 graduates’ children. We love knowing our daughter is surrounded by so many families that genuinely love and care for her and our family. The familiar faces on campus, in families and faculty, encourage us that our children will receive the same incredible life lessons we did as students.

What are some highlights of Christian education that you've experienced at SBS thus far?

Having grown up with a Christian foundation, we wanted the same building blocks for our children. While we talk about Jesus at home, we have definitely seen an increase in our daughter's interest to learn more about God since starting at SBS. Emmaline is excited to tell us about different Bible stories she is learning at school and insists on praying for people in need. She is learning so much about having a compassionate heart and caring for others, which we know is coming from the Christ-centered education she is receiving daily.

Can you share a special moment from your first semester at SBS?

We already have so many fun memories from our first semester, from Donuts with Dad, to parent class readings and class parties. One of our favorite memories so far was the Thanksgiving class party. As room mom, Jenny enjoyed getting to see the kids and teachers in their element playing and giggling with friends, praying together over the meal and bonding with their teacher, Ms. Romero. It is such a joy to see the children thriving in this environment.

Have any faculty or staff stood out to your family in this first semester? If so, who and how?

We have truly loved every teacher we have encountered at Second Baptist School. With our daughter being in PK3, we have seen how wonderful that entire team of teachers is. Our daughter adores her teacher Ms. Romero, as do we! On the first day of school, Ms. Romero had little goody bags for each child and sat with each one to just get to know him or her. Our daughter really enjoys one-on-one connections, so this was wonderful to see. 

The PK3 team is like a family to us. From Mrs. Babcock stopping to help Jenny and Emmaline pick up a dropped nap mat on a hectic morning, to Mrs. Pinto joyfully greeting Emmy in the hallway each day, and Mrs. Mejia giving Emmy their class bear to snuggle on a hard day, we have seen each of these women pour love and edification into our daughter. That is the SBS difference we know and love.