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New #SBSfamily Members: Part 3

New #SBSfamily Members: Part 3

We hope you have enjoyed hearing from our new SBS families as they describe the welcome they’ve received from our caring community during this school year. Together, we have walked roads never taken, and in walking together, we have glorified Christ and shared His love. #SBStogether

As the final piece of our three-week series, the Rancher family recounts their positive experiences at SBS and the blessing of Christian education for their family.

Rancher Family | Owen ‘27, Wesley ‘30 and William ‘34

What led you to apply to SBS this school year?

We were struggling with the uncertainty about what our neighborhood school was going to do during the pandemic. We have attended Second Baptist Church for many years and knew about the school. We know how this community treasures kids and families and would always have our childrens’ best interests in mind when making decisions. 

What was the fall semester like for you and your children?

We couldn’t be more pleased with our transition to SBS. All three of our boys feel very comfortable and are learning at a fast pace. We were worried that the transition would be hard, but because all of the teachers and families are so supportive, it already feels like we have been at Second Baptist School for years. The leadership has been remarkable and allowed us to feel confident in our decision to come to SBS. 

What have been the major highlights you’ve experienced in the SBS Christian education experience?

Education at SBS is totally in line with what our children need. When our boys understand the concepts, the teaching speeds up and lets them keep advancing. When they need a little help, the teachers notice and slow down to get them there. We feel like our children are advancing at a remarkable pace. 

“Second Baptist School’s Christian foundation has been a blessing for our family.”  -- The Rancher Family

Head of School Dr. Don Davis says, “The SBS community answered the call to provide Christ-centered education to the Houston community despite the global pandemic. We overcame many challenges and obstacles to return to campus and provide in-person education. I am humbled and grateful for every member of the SBS community, and it is a true blessing to welcome these new families onto our campus and into our SBS family.”


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