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New #SBSfamily Members: Part 2

New #SBSfamily Members: Part 2

In the fall of 2020, Second Baptist School persisted in offering in-person education during a time of uncertainty and inconsistency in the world of education. "Second Baptist School’s vision to expand Christian education remained steadfast in a time when families were searching for hope. We are blessed to have been able to answer the call and provide an opportunity for families to experience our #SBSfamily," shared Director of Admissions Andrea Prothro. SBS continues to offer a caring Christian community to students and families in Houston, and through the eyes of our newest families, we can see the positive impact first-hand.

In the second week of our three-part series, we’ll hear from the Gilbreaths and how they have received specific care and support from the SBS family as they made the transition from public school. 

Gilbreath Family | Sigmund ‘24

What brought you to Second Baptist School?

It was time for our son Sigmund to transition to high school. He had been at his former school since third grade, and I knew it could be potentially difficult for him to start over somewhere new. We applied for and were accepted to a public school in HISD, but my coworker told me about Second Baptist School. I figured it was worth checking out to make sure we considered all of our options. 

When we went on the SBS tour, I was blown away! Everyone seemed like they genuinely wanted to be there. The greeting we received was very different from what we received touring elsewhere. The small classes and challenging coursework also appealed to me because it is similar to what Sigmund is used to. Adding the element of Christian education really sealed the deal for us.

How was the fall semester for you and Sigmund? 

It was less challenging than I anticipated. Sigmund was happy to attend school in person and have the opportunity to participate in athletics. Many of his best friends who opted to attend public schools are still not learning in person and have not been able to play sports. The constant updates and advanced notice of processes also really streamlined everything for us at SBS.

Can you share a highlight or special moment from your first semester at SBS?

Second Baptist School teachers genuinely care about students. When Sigmund displaced his wrist last fall, I received personal notes from teachers and staff checking in on him and sending prayers our way. We've never received such care and concern in our previous education experiences.

“We don't feel new at SBS; we've been made to feel welcome and have really enjoyed the opportunities offered. We are thankful for all of the hard work, care and concern of SBS teachers and staff and look forward to seeing Sigmund continue to thrive and achieve here.”        - The Gilbreath Family

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