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New SBS Family: The Valdezes

New SBS Family: The Valdezes

Meet the Valdez family – Raul and Anita Valdez and their children Ace ‘27 and Zach ‘30. 

Choosing Second Baptist School was driven by their desire for an educational environment that aligned with their values and aspirations for their sons' futures. “Having been members of Second Baptist Church West Campus for 8 years, we knew SBS was just what we were looking for, while also offering a strong academic experience," shared Mr. and Mrs. Valdez.

Embracing Community with New Family Events

The transition to SBS was smooth for the Valdez family, thanks to the warm hospitality of the SBS community. "As a new family, there were many events specifically designed to make the process a smooth one,"Anita Valdez remarks, emphasizing the thoughtful initiatives tailored to ease their transition. Embraced with open arms from the beginning, they found themselves enveloped in a supportive network of individuals united by a shared commitment to community and growth.

Impact of Christian Education: SBS Faculty 

Reflecting on their experience, the Valdez family acknowledges the profound impact of the faculty at SBS. “Everyone we have interacted with has been welcoming, and truly invested in our boys.” The genuine care and investment of faculty in their sons' spiritual and academic development have left a lasting impression, enriching their educational journey and fostering a sense of belonging among peers who share their values. 

Fostering Authenticity

At SBS, Ace and Zach are encouraged to be their authentic selves, fostering confidence and self-assurance beyond the classroom walls. This emphasis on holistic development is a significant highlight for the Valdez family, reflecting the school's commitment to nurturing every aspect of their sons' growth.

“My SBS is…”

The Valdezes conclude, “My SBS is rooted in Biblical values that guide the faculty to create an environment for strong spiritual and academic growth that prepares our children for the world outside of its walls.”