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New SBS Family - The Hortons

New SBS Family - The Hortons

There are no coincidences in life. All things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). So when two WNBA players from Southern California reconnected at Second Baptist School and discovered that their children play SBS basketball, it was no surprise to God. It was part of a divine plan. 

The Horton family’s decision to leave public school while their daughter, Holly '24, was in high school was a big decision, but it was apparent to them that it was the Lord’s leading.

“Holly had a dream, not once, but twice in three years,” began Heidi Horton, Holly’s mom. “The first was while in eighth grade. She saw herself in a Second Baptist School uniform sitting in a classroom and had never even visited the campus. She never told us about that dream until the summer of 2022, when she had the second dream while at Christian Leadership Training (CLT) at Camp Cho-Yeh. Then, we looked into SBS.”

Heidi is no stranger to Second Baptist School. She taught Spanish and coached the seventh grade basketball team from 1999 to 2000. That one year on campus was an influencing factor for the Horton family, which stayed with them and made their transition to SBS easy.

“The family atmosphere is wonderful. As a former teacher and coach at SBS, I can tell you there is a visible change in the number of staff, directors and leaders contributing to the academic excellence Second is known for. New roles like Dr. Chris Hobbs as the director of institutional advancement are tremendous investments and contribute to this school’s value.”

Call them defining moments or God moments. There were a few the Horton family will always remember. 

“Holly was not a big fan of Spanish, but she loves Mrs. Ewert,” Heidi continued. “And, during our shadow day visit in May 2022, coach Corey Warren saw us in the hallway and emphatically said, “You belong here, Holly!” He then pulled me aside and said he would pray for us to make the right decision. But, honestly, the biggest surprise was seeing my childhood friend and co-WNBA player, Tina Thompson, and her son Dyllan at Convocation. We grew up playing basketball against each other as teenagers in Southern California and during our time with USA Basketball. And now, her son and my daughter are playing basketball on the same team and at the same school as teenagers!” 

“We love Jesus in the classroom,” Heidi Horton added. “Prayers, Bible class and God’s principles spoken, written and transmitted through each communication, whether it be from the head of school or the weight-lifting  training staff in athletics. It  means a lot to our family.” 

Patrick Horton, Holly’s father, concluded, “We simply love all the families, coaches and educators we have met. They have been warm, friendly and always willing to answer questions and offer support. I am sad that next year will be Holly’s senior year at SBS.”