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New Family Article - The Allisons

New Family Article - The Allisons

Welcoming the Allison Family to Second Baptist School

Second Baptist School (SBS) is thrilled to welcome the Allison family into our caring community this academic year. Scott and Jennifer Allison, along with their twins, Alice Kate and Gibson, have brought a vibrant energy and a dedication to both academic excellence and Christian values. As they reflect on their first semester experiences at SBS, the Allisons share insights into their journey and the unique aspects of their transition to our school.

Choosing SBS: A Quest for Academic Rigor and Christian Values

For the Allison family, selecting the right school was not just about academics but also about finding a community that aligned with their faith. "We were looking for a school that not only prioritizes academic rigor but also upholds our family's Christian values," shared Scott and Jennifer. After exploring various options, they found SBS to be the perfect fit. The comprehensive curriculum, coupled with a strong emphasis on Christian principles, resonated deeply with their aspirations for their children's education.

Seamless Transition and Community Support

Transitioning to a new school can be daunting, especially for children. However, the Allisons found the move to SBS remarkably smooth, thanks to the support from both the school community and host families. "We have felt supported by not only the community but also the host families, who played a pivotal role in facilitating connections for the twins even before the school year commenced," noted the Allisons. The clear mission and expectations set by SBS ensured a seamless integration into the school community for the entire family.

Noteworthy Differences and Exceptional Faculty

One of the standout features of SBS for the Allisons has been the level of communication and professionalism exhibited by the faculty and staff. They noted the exceptional use of technology, such as iPads, which empowered their twins to take charge of their learning journey. Additionally, the diverse backgrounds of the teachers brought richness to the educational experience. Among the notable faculty members, fifth-grade English teacher Mrs. Schweer stood out for her engaging teaching style and dedication to her students.

Memorable Moments and Highlights

Reflecting on their first semester at SBS, the Allisons shared several memorable moments. They particularly highlighted the introduction of electives in fifth grade, which allowed their children to explore new interests and talents. The fifth-grade play, filled with joy and excitement, was a highlight for the family, affirming their decision to choose SBS.

"My SBS is..."

As part of SBS's theme for the year, "Our SBS," the Allisons completed the sentence, "My SBS is a firm foundation." They emphasized the school's unwavering commitment to Christian values, which permeate every aspect of life at SBS, creating a nurturing and supportive environment for spiritual growth.

The addition of the Allison family to the SBS community has enriched our school's tapestry, reinforcing our commitment to academic excellence and Christian values. As they continue their journey at SBS, we look forward to witnessing the growth and achievements of Alice Kate, Gibson, and the entire Allison family.