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New Family Article - The Kandolhas

New Family Article - The Kandolhas

Welcoming the Kandolha Family to Second Baptist School

Second Baptist School is delighted to extend a warm welcome to the Kandolha family, who joined our community for the 2023-2024 school year. Jennifer & David Kandolha, along with their sons, Matthew ‘27 and James '30, arrive with a commitment to elevated education, a passion for fostering character development and a strong desire for their boys to thrive in a nurturing Christian environment. The Kandolha family graciously shares their experiences and highlights.

Choosing SBS: A Home for Character and Academic Excellence

For the Kandolha family, the decision to apply to Second Baptist School was rooted in a quest for a well-rounded educational experience. "We've always envisioned a school where our boys could not only excel academically but also grow in character and faith," shared Mr. and Mrs. Kandolha. Through interactions with SBS families in their community and the exceptional leadership of varsity baseball Coach Rayner Noble, they were drawn to the school's unwavering commitment to academic rigor and character development. Their instinctive belief in SBS as the best educational home for their family has been reinforced at every stage of their journey.

Seamless Transition and Community Integration

Transitioning to a new school can often be challenging, yet the Kandolha family found the process surprisingly easy thanks to the warm embrace of the SBS community. Their sons quickly felt at home, thanks to the welcoming socials hosted by SBS families and the inclusive environment fostered by Coach Brydon and the football team. Both boys have integrated seamlessly into the school, with academic success and a newfound sense of peace defining their time at SBS.

Noteworthy Differences and Exceptional Faculty

The Kandolha family has been impressed by the school's commitment to college preparedness, effective communication and supportive faculty. They have found SBS teachers to be genuinely caring and committed to their students' success. “Just days after being accepted into the SBS family, we saw Andrea Prothro at a baseball game. She walked straight over to us and called us by name, which was a big deal considering our last name confuses everyone," shared Jennifer and David.

Highlights of Christian Education

Witnessing the integration of faith into academic learning was one of the most memorable experiences for the Kandolha family during their first semester at SBS. As part of a sixth grade class project, their son James was encouraged to think about God's presence in his life and to extend His love to those in need. This all-encompassing approach to education was one example that resonated strongly with the family's faith and values.

Memorable Moments from Day 1

Amidst the many memorable moments of their first semester, the Kandolha family fondly recalls the all-school worship Convocation service on the first day of school. “We will never forget seeing all of our SBS teachers form a circle around the student body in prayer. What a perfect way to start a new school year!”

"My SBS is..."

In completing the sentence "My SBS is...", the Kandolha family expresses a profound sense of value and gratitude. They feel deeply cherished and embraced by the Eagle community, affirming their belief that SBS is the place to be.