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Model U.N. in Crisis!

Model U.N. in Crisis!

On Saturday, April 27, 21 SBS students (13 eighth graders and 8 upper school students) attended the CTMUN Spring Crisis Conference at the University of Texas in Austin. During the conference, Model U.N. students participate in focused crisis committees that range from beginner to advanced. According to the CTMUN website, “Crisis committees operate on a different set of rules than standard committees, and teach delegates to think quickly and creatively. The situations are also updated with new information as the day goes on, so while we encourage delegates to learn as much as possible beforehand, the real test will be how well they can adapt to new problems.”

According to Alex Ritchmond ‘20, “I was blessed to participate in the first Ad-Hoc committee for the Central Texas Model U.N. conference.” An Ad-Hoc committee is a specially-designed simulation that combines a fast-paced and exciting crisis with the added element of a surprise topic. He went on to explain, “Ad-Hoc committees are the most competitive rooms in the whole conference, typically consisting of the most talented competitors from each school. This challenge is added to the fact that competitors are only given two days advance of the topics of the competition, as opposed to the usual month in advance of normal committees.”

In the midst of this challenging conference, SBS students had three standout performances. The following students earned awards on their respective committees:

Sebastian Marquez ‘23 - Honorable Mention (Third Place) for The World in the 1760s - France

Daniel Klein ‘22 - Honorable Mention (Third Place) for North African Financial Crisis - North African States

Alex Ritchmond ‘20 - Best Delegate (First Place) for Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General

Alex also said, “My favorite things about Model U.N. are the great applications it provides to my life. Not only do I become more informed of ongoing global events, but I learn how to problem solve effectively in a room of people that sometimes aren't willing to compromise. I love meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and learning more about the world around me. Model UN is also a great route to improve one's skills in communication, I recommend Model UN to everyone! It's full of great and wonderful experiences.”