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Miss Asian America International Pageant

Miss Asian America International Pageant

The poise and leadership it takes to compete in an international pageant can take years to perfect, with coaching, practicing and hours of preparation. This summer, two lower school students had the unique opportunity to compete in the Miss Asian America International Pageant in their respective categories, taking home multiple awards and a sense of unity and pride in their community. Jacey ‘26 and Casey ‘29 competed against other young Asian American leaders in many categories, showing their own talents and engaging in the enriching community. The young women celebrated their own Filipino-American identity as well as each contestant’s background, culture and identity in this diverse pageant.

According to their mother Joyce Clover, “The Miss Asian America International Pageant seeks to foster unity, understanding and camaraderie among young Asian Americans in the U.S. The pageant also aims to increase broad public awareness of the diversity and strength of the Asian American community by showcasing the leadership and breadth of individual talent in the youth.”

Jacey competed in the pre-teen category and won the Best in Social Media Award as well as the Best in National Costume Award. Her talent, which landed her as one of the top finalists, was a magic act that wowed the audience.

Casey, who competed in the little princess category was honored with the Best in National Costume Award and landed the second runner-up placement.

“The girls embraced the opportunity to be young leaders by embracing their Filipino-American culture and heritage during the pageant,” said Mrs. Clover. “As a cultural ambassadress, they also learned about other Asian cultures and broadened their understanding of other values that are important to their growth and development as young leaders.”

The students are using this experience coupled with their American heritage and culture to continue moving forward in the world of pageants as well as modeling work in Dallas, Los Angeles and London. We can’t wait to see how their paths unfold as these young leaders impact the world.