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Middle School PBL

Middle School PBL

For the end of the semester PBL  assignments, both fifth and sixth graders were asked a question:

Fifth grade, how does the geography of a region affect how people live?

Fifth grade students worked hard last semester learning geography and all about the five regions of the United States. They used this knowledge to create original, region-themed escape rooms.

Fifth graders were assigned to one of the five U.S. regions: The West, Southwest, Southeast, Midwest or Northeast. After copious research on landforms, landmarks, climate, natural disasters and economies, students created presentations and constructed puzzles, clues and tasks to  guide players through their expertly planned escape rooms. Additionally, fifth graders designed their rooms to emulate their region and even dressed the part. At the culmination of the project, parents were put to the test as they tried their best to escape their child’s room.

Sixth grade, how are stories from other times and places about me?

In sixth grade, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was the specific story that springboarded for this exploration. Students had a variety of opportunities to examine this novel and consider what life was like in England at the time Dickens penned this classic story. More importantly, students explored the metamorphosis of Scrooge from a once selfish, inwardly focused miser to a generous and joyful character and how that character lesson applies to their own lives. Students watched A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott as a visual introduction to the story and to life in Victorian England.

All students read the drama, A Christmas Carol, during English. They also explored topics like spiritual life in Victorian England, counting houses, factory pollution, daily  living conditions, Dickens’ biographical information, time period art techniques and a dramatic presentation of the novel.

During the week of December 17-21, students worked in small groups to create a visual depiction of their research and delivered an outstanding and creative presentation for parents and teachers.