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Middle School Fall Sports Recap 2022

Middle School Fall Sports Recap 2022

A look back at the victory-filled middle school fall sports season.


SBS middle school athletics wrapped up a spirit-filled fall sports season with great success! 

Director of Middle School Athletics Jeff Schroeder shared, “It was fun to watch the collective efforts of each of our teams and coaches come together over the season.” Come together, they did, setting personal records, playing in competitive semi-final games and winning HJPC championships.

Coach Schroeder continued, “In middle school, we develop athletic fundamentals and enjoy doing that in a team setting. Our coaches are very excited about the foundations we are building and anticipating how these student athletes will contribute to our athletic programs for years to come.” 

Highlights of the fall season included football winning the HJPC championship and eighth-grade volleyball securing second place in HJPC. The future is bright for Second Baptist School athletics!


Go Eagles! The eighth grade football team won their second consecutive HJPC championship, defeating Kinkaid in the final game 36-20. Seventh grade football also had a strong season. Coach Schroeder emphasizes, “These players worked very hard this year to sharpen their skills. There is a promising future for this group as they continue to develop.” Special thanks to coaches Chris McInturf, Jordan Richards, Cecil Shorts, Derek Astor and Will Hampton for leading our young men. 

  • Seventh Grade: 6-1
  • Eighth Grade: 5-2
    • HJPC Champions

Cross Country
“Middle school cross country was a blast to coach this past season,” Coach Curtis Scipio shared. “We had all our runners set personal records in the district meet! Every week, we improved our times and kept working hard.” In the Woodlands Christian meet, the girls won second overall, another accomplishment for this season’s cross country team.

Seventh grade volleyball had two teams competing this year and both groups had a great experience and improved on their skills, according to Coach Schroeder. Eighth grade volleyball had an excellent year led by Coach Heather Kelley, culminating in a runner-up final game in the HJPC championship. Coach Kelley shared, “This year’s eighth grade volleyball team is an incredible example of what happens when players work together with tenacity and excellence; keeping the ultimate goal of using their talents to glorify God in focus.” She continued, “They earned each win, finishing conference play with an impressive 12-2 record. As the HJPC runner up, these ladies can hold their heads high as they look back at the hard work and dedication that led to their success.”

  • Seventh Grade: 10-3
  • Eighth Grade: 14-3
    • HJPC - First round win versus St. Francis
    • HJPC - Semifinals win versus Presbyterian
    • HJPC Championship Runner-up

Our combined dance and cheer team, Middle School Spirit, has had a busy fall season cheering on our teams. Coach Schroeder said, “Led by Coach Yarborough, Spirit has been a great support for our teams this fall. We know how hard these girls work behind the scenes, and our teams are very appreciative of their support.”