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Middle School Athletics Spotlight

Middle School Athletics Spotlight

Middle school athletics focuses on fulfilling the SBS mission to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously. Athletes are asked to think critically about their roles on the team, their part in developing a winning strategy and how they present themselves to the world as Christian athletes. Furthermore, “They are challenged to live biblically in the way they handle victory and defeat as well as the way they live their lives on the field and off the field,” says Mike Walker. Lastly, when our middle school athletes perform under pressure, speak in front of their team or represent SBS in competition, they learn how to lead courageously. #ThinkLiveLead

“Student athletes at this age grow and mature at different rates,” explains Director of Athletics Mike Walker. He continues saying, “Our desire is to see the seventh and eighth grade teams compete in a way where winning is an important goal but not the only measure of success.” 

Participating in the HJPC gives middle school student athletes a chance to compete against local talent and learn what it means to play for a championship. Since the middle school athletic period is positioned during the school day, junior varsity and varsity coaches are often actively coaching the middle school teams and present at their competitions. Accordingly, middle school student athletes are being prepared for competition on the upper school level and our school values of Christian leadership and sportsmanship are consistently instilled.

Middle School Sports Recap | Fall & Winter 2020-2021

Middle School Volleyball

Eighth grade girls showed great improvement under coach Amy Konzelman’s leadership. The highlight was their win over Trafton. Seventh grade girls were introduced to the sport by coach Brandy Mardis and had a great win over Emery/Weiner.

  • Eighth Grade: 2 wins, 3 losses

  • Seventh Grade: 2 wins, 2 losses

Middle School Cross Country

The middle school cross country team had a unique season last fall; coach Rayner Noble describes a small but fun group of students who developed a love for running and racing and pushed themselves in ways they never have before. They learned how to strategize and compete, and all are looking forward to next fall’s season!

Middle School Football

Middle school football players persevered to play games even when other schools were not competing last fall. Despite a hard season, varsity football coach Terry Pirtle shares, “The athletes practiced hard every day with a purpose.”

  • Eighth Grade: 0 wins, 5 losses

  • Seventh Grade: 3 wins, 4 losses

Middle School Boys’ Basketball

Coached by DJ Anderson and Milton Holmes, our seventh grade boys’ basketball team is undefeated so far with 8 total wins!

  • Eighth Grade: 5 wins, 4 losses

  • Seventh Grade: 8 wins, 0 losses 

Middle School Girls’ Basketball

Eighth grade girl’s basketball coach Corey Warren says the team has shown great improvement and increase in stamina; with just six girls on the team, “they more than make up for their numbers with determination and hard work.” Angel Williams, seventh grade girls’ basketball coach has nothing but positives to share about her determined, undefeated team, saying “the wins are definitely a byproduct of their hard work, leadership and girls’ enthusiasm.” Meanwhile, our seventh grade girls' team is undefeated!

  • Eighth Grade: 2 wins, 5 losses

  • Seventh Grade: 7 wins, 0 losses

Middle School Boys’ Soccer

Our middle school boys’ soccer team is a hard-working team of seventh graders playing against predominantly eighth grade teams. Coach Austin Hinkson said that they have seen increases in kicking power, game awareness and dedication this year so far.

  • 0 wins, 4 losses

Middle School Girls’ Soccer

Coaches Andi Perkins and Chelsey Turk report that despite game cancellations due to COVID, there is a very strong and positive attitude throughout the team with the games they have been able to play.

  • 3 wins, 1 losses